Pimp Addon: FFXi UI Mod Installer

Aikar, FFXI Mod Installer

FFXI Mod Installer’s User Interface.

Latest Cool Program from Aikar – Windower Developer

This is like.. the coolest invention since sliced bread. Unlike the WoW’s Addon Installer, this one doesn’t install trash… at all.

From my understanding, this is simply replacing your DAT files. So no, it doesn’t load any extra stuff onto your FFXI or access memory all those fancy stuff. It works even without Windower or with FFXi’s gimp Windower.

Here’s some of the kick-ass features inside:

  • QUIET CALLS ZOMG! Anti-Noob call1’s! There are different volume level to choose from too (and downloads the respective DAT’s)
  • Login Music Off (Well basically, it just “plays” a sound file with volume at 0)
  • The Cool Font that you often see in people’s Screenshot (Not Small Screen Friendly ;D)

You can download it [directly from Windower’s website] (Link takes you to Windower.net). As always, only press download links DIRECTLY from Windower and for account security, scan your files as precaution before running.

There are other features too, but those are the worthwhile mention. Oh… your anti-virus might trigger while installing. Rest assured it’s safe (I’m testing it atm, just had a new installation on laptop and seems to be running fine!). However, if you do not feel safe for whatever reason running an exe, you can always download everything individually (in DAT’s), then replacing them manually.

There’s been some random comments left on here regarding DATS and stuff, well since we’re all about 3rd party plugins atm, might as well link you guys to the other goodies too!

  • FFXI Model Viewer/Altana Viewer[link removed, site gone] (and other Fancy Stuff)
  • Cool DATS for your FFXI! (Have NoScript up in case!)

There! Everything to skin your FFXI to look like a real game so enjoy =) Oh yea… a few fun links!

4 Responses to “Pimp Addon: FFXi UI Mod Installer”

  1. Kimiko says:

    Testing it? Does this mean we may be seing Mai-taru back in game soon? =D

  2. Calaera says:

    Yeah, its basically asking where the other Filipinos are at, not Philippians. <.<; Philippians are from the bible… ;x

  3. Maiev says:

    Thanks for the correction =)
    I don’t want to offend ‘.’ anyone :o from my horrible English ‘.’

  4. Austin L. says:

    I downloaded this program on Windows 7 64 and now my game loads in with no text on char. Screen and as soon as my toon loads in the game will crash. I have pics i can show you if you like. Why did this ruin my game?!?!


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