9 Helix from SCH = AV Win?

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When you have a bunch of people over AIM asking if I know about the latest AV trick, you know something’s finally hit the general public. Yes, with no doubt, its on BG. Similar to Salvage dupe, that’s when shit gets patched / banned. Well not sure about a ban for this one, since this is more like a design flaw than an exploit. (Of course, beating AV in any other way other than SE method is really…consider an exploit, hence patch and ban). In case you want to read more about Helix, it’s here.

*Which explains why I’ve manage to see a few SCH friend sold their A/C for a good price =P*

Continue, just plugging a friend’s INT, AV’s INT over on this website, you do have to have pretty decked out gear to achieve a 200/tick Helix. Well, the safer way is just stack up MAB INT etc, sub BLM and just E-Seal it. Afterall, you only need 1 Helix.

With randomness of 45-90sec, things considered, even if all your SCH pulled off perfect MV’s, you’re still looking at around 84% to really win, since the other 16% is because it ticked at the wrong spot (for the Base Helix of 45, 60 and 75 if random-ed). I assume 45 60 75 and 90 are 25% all randomly picked, combining with Kaeko’s Data having the 10th tick either on the 8th or 9th SCH, you’d come up with 84%.

Note: The video below is with UFO, which cannot really test it the 8th or 9th MV kicked in. It does show at least the idea works.

FYI: 1 SCH do a super Helix, INT buff MAB etc all that jazz, the rest of the SCH just use MV, with MV maxed of cuz =P so you can make this possible.

Well for more details, I’d go into Kaeko’s article. Kaeko takes this to the micro scale. Note that Kaeko’s math assumes all your MV’s are merited, hence the duration penalty of cutting 50% spell duration are now 25%, making 45sec -> 34sec (and not 22.5, then 11, then 5.5, 2.75 etc..) still humanly possible.

The idea of doubling MV etc isn’t new (On Wiki since Dec 2007), but merits made it possible since it decreases the duration penalty of doubling Helix from 50% to 25% (MV Duration Penalty).

I mean afterall, the server probably receives all the data at the same time, its now up to the algorithm to determine if the ticks and the…MV matches. This is way beyond what a player can do, and is now a server thing. Good thing is it doesn’t require 2hr, so just rest 10min, try Helix and MV again :D You give it enough try, one of them is going to have all 9 MV on at the same time, as well as ticking at the right spot.

Also, like Kaeko said, it looks easy on paper, but then practical is all different. It depends what the server random/interpret the data. Remember, time reduces by 25% for each MV used, making it 25% harder on each tick to really kick in at the right time, factor in all game mechanics, timing, network delays, and how server interpret your data.

Regardless, good for a read =) I hope you all execute this, get some nice item and not get banned in the process. Knowing SE, its randomness is just as good as Helix random lol.

2 Responses to “9 Helix from SCH = AV Win?”

  1. Pensiri says:

    This is not illegal due to the fact that it does not require third party apps. SE’s ToS states all of these very clearly. I believe people, or maybe just you, are over exaggerating the legality of this topic to give SCH some sort of social mystique.

    Whatever the case may be, this is NOT a bannable offense. It is a clever use of in game resources WITHOUT the aid of third party apps (I’m sure 3rd party apps are already being designed to automate the process though).

    G’Day and Peace.

  2. Yuri says:

    Only thing SE Will do is nerf SCH if they don’t like this its not an exploit its just as said above just a clever use of in game mechanics.


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