Mai Guest App & FFXI Offline fun!

It’s been awhile, so lets keep everyone posted on Mai latest offline FFXI adventure! Before we start, randomness WoW Sculpture lol.

Maiev, Limit Break Radio FFXI

Mai Limit Break Radio App!

Application to Limit Break Radio Podcast Guest?!

Haha I know, I was going to surprise everyone but seems like errr.. it didn’t go as well as I planned.

I applied to be a LBR guest speaker. (It all started with Tuufless). I mean sure, I listen to it at work (and I like all the ??? faces when they hear these geek talk from my coworkers). But never thought I’d do it, since I am quite shy to… strangers/alien. Let alone being recorded.

But see, part of the app is to

It took me almost 2 months to grow some balls and record a … “imo quite shitty” voicemail LOL. Recording a FFXI one is definitely much more weird than recording a work-related one, which I do everyday. I actually had numerous practice over vent, to correct some of the minor speaking problems like a lot of “um…’s” and a few swearing. Although I wasn’t the person they are looking for, but I did enjoy rehearsing with Calaera, Tsunade/Eleira and Xariana. (and also my LS too LOL).

Anyway, here’s Mai app for LBR, please enjoy =)

Distant Worlds:

FF Distant Worlds, Nobuo Uematsu, Chicago

FF Distant Worlds – Fisherman’s Horizon

I know :( my 2nd home is in Vancouver, but I just couldn’t time it right to stop by and watch it.

Anyway, Distant Worlds is a video game concert featuring various music from Nobuo Uematsu (well, one from each Final Fantasy series). I really wanted to watch it but… man, the timing is messed up.

I went to Play! A Video Game Symphony a few years back, and it was a blast. I bet the one with just pure Final Fantasy music is much more touchy and nice!

However, I am trying to assemble a group to see the one at Chicago – Dec 12 – 2009, Rosemont Theater. Dates kinda odd… just before Christmas. I’m trying to at least get Roranora and Xariana to go XD We’ll see as it gets closer!

You can read more about the concert here.

Project XI:

I’ve actually dick around a little bit with Project XI. See the thing about playing the real thing is, you can never really reverse-engineer and try fun things. In Project XI, nobody cares :D It is definitely nice to really see stuff in bird-eye view, since you have total control of your client. Your BCNM, isn’t really an instance :D but just 4 separated duplicated zone in 1 map. Kinda like Limbus. It isn’t like 4-5 floors, but different “islands”, all on different section of the map. The teleport makes it feel like its layered.

One zone that always cease to amaze me is.. Castle Vazhl. That castle is really a castle, and I do feel a sense of adventure everytime I climb, although I wish everything is True Sneak/Sight, so you’d really have to beat everything up on the way.

No SS though =P for obvious reasons.

Oh, here’s a Project XI dude killing Nidhogg LOL.

Well that sums up my “Offline” fun, browsing what to do that is related to XI, and trying to get involved with less playing :D

If you want to read more about Offline XI / Project XI, feel free to visit them here.

Okay, too tired! Time to sleep! Hope you enjoy Mai app for LBR. (If you missed the link above)

9 Responses to “Mai Guest App & FFXI Offline fun!”

  1. Dantaro says:

    o.o more chicago based players! the Dec. 12th concert should prove to be outstanding, I’ve had my tickets since they became available online <,<;;;

  2. Maiev says:


    I am actually not Chicago based, but Toronto based :D, but I’m willing to go there for this concert. I know it will be amazing :D Now it’s just finding the time hehe!

  3. Calaera says:

    I want to go to the Chicago one. Went to the one here and it was so awesome. Seems like the one in Chicago will be even better.

  4. Maiev says:


    Oww, seems like this Christmas is going to be fun if I can arrange this to happen XD!

    I can’t wait to see it performed live :D

  5. Tuufless says:

    Whoa, that’s one heckuva application! :o

  6. Maiev says:


    lol >.>

    well they seem to be either busy or i fail LOL. well im leavin for a month so all this might not ever happen XD hehe

  7. Tuufless says:

    They probably really busy. Don’t expect anything for a few months at least.

    I started by just casually mentioning it to Kallo online one day, and it took 3 months before anything materialized.

    Real life has also caught up with the LBR folks, too. ^^

  8. Kaeko says:

    That’s a pretty ridiculous application. They should really have you on, especially if you have an awesome accent like Tuufless.

  9. Tuufless says:

    What accent? :o


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