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The Dark Bailout + The Guild EP’s!~

First thing first, check the “screenshot” of these item on ffxiah =_=; lol. Galkan Sausage Meat Mithkabob lol Pepperoni Pizza :D You get the point =P Not to FF related, but I find it funny ;) The Dark Knight + Bailout Plan :D Its SO WELL DONE lol. The Dark Bailout See more funny videos […]

The “COOL” way to profit from the AH

Profiting from AH Price Haha Profiting like a mofo This is definitely WIN LAWL Check it out on AH here.

All about Hellknight (Now on Wiki!)

Hellknight of DuckHUNT All about Hellknight Hellknight has been a very contributing member of DuckHUNT linkshell. He’s tank all of our shit and is probably one of the very important pillar of the linkshell. Anyway, not only he providues us with his “1337” tanking service, but he’s also very humorous and funny. To value his […]

Aquilo x5 in a row… & Some WoW Humor~

Holy Shit Self explainatory. Wow lol… And yea, I’m still doing good :D Just playing a ton less due to an extremely busy work schedule! Hopefully when class ends, I’d have time to commit a little bit more, but I do miss blogging and reading about it :3 WoW Mocking FF So here’s some of […]

Why is leveling parrying so hard…

Okay :) What you are going to read is purely for entertainment purposes. It might offend some people but like I said, its for entertainment purposes! You’ve been warned ^^; It doesn’t pop something up or have pictures, just the language used ^^; So yea.. work safe!