The Dark Bailout + The Guild EP’s!~

First thing first, check the “screenshot” of these item on ffxiah =_=; lol.

You get the point =P

Not to FF related, but I find it funny ;) The Dark Knight + Bailout Plan :D Its SO WELL DONE lol.

The Dark Bailout

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Still remember “The Guild”? haha, this episode is pretty funny, reminds me of the jokes that was on our trip ;)

The Guild EP 10


  • Measure Life in experience points LOL :O!
  • Begin DPS, Claire rant on his mom then “out of mana”!
  • Your son try to suicide, no “screenshot”, but it happens.
  • “Every boss has a respawn timer” LOL :D

If you haven’t or didn’t watch the other EP’s, go watch it on youtube. These are wow players but they use terms that is very general, so even FFXI people would understand.

Btw, cool sign in Japan!

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  1. Jowah says:

    Galkan sausage………so gross..
    I need to buy it for my gay friend.


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