All about Hellknight (Now on Wiki!)

Hellknight, FFXI, Fenrir

Hellknight of DuckHUNT

All about Hellknight

Hellknight has been a very contributing member of DuckHUNT linkshell. He’s tank all of our shit and is probably one of the very important pillar of the linkshell. Anyway, not only he providues us with his “1337” tanking service, but he’s also very humorous and funny.

To value his contribution, Istari wrote a very detailed article on our most important member in our LS – Hellknight.

You will enjoy every moment reading about it lol!

PS: There’s actually a few inside jokes, but still reading it is pretty entertaining. And yea.. broken hard-drives. Life’s so rough omg :/ so much trouble.

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