Category : XI Humor

Galka Boots and Some Parrying Action!

I beat this one in.. 1993? 14 years after I play the game. Surprisingly, some of the puzzle was still up in my mind, meaning I still have a rough idea of how to solve it :O Anyhow, some “screenshot of my DS” with my DC :O Oh yea :o Rora was playing Zelda with […]

Sky is Bugged and RMT-ed

Like usual, but its always hard to believe something until I’ve seen it… and today I did… I felt like a gil seller when I was kiting and DoT-ing Despot to death… until claim was lost ._. This is like the new Ullikummi! How bad? Its bad… Gil seller is so lol in farming it, […]

Happy April Fools!

I apologize if I touch some sensitive heart during that prank! I had some really good entertainment in-game of friends who already assumed I am quitting for WoW :o It was a good laugh for me :) Although, I had to give away to some people because they were getting a bit emotional about that […]


After all these unhappy days… its time to quit for WoW. (Just the right time, so I won’t get billed for another month) Not jus me… Tazo too. There’s nothing else left for us in this game, so its time to move on. See you in Balnazaar! Warlock as Mage-killer Gogogo! PS: Comment’s disabled, I […]

Taru Group Nuke! Parrying and Much More!

Enjoyin every second of a dead TaruTaru. So I’ve ding 75, starting to merit again (Finally). So far I haven’t really been seeking. Its mostly LS party but I’m up if anyone’s interested to party with a Gimped sam (without Haidate/DA earring) buttttt…. I can outparse Glimpse :) (DA earring / Haidate) Speaking of Haidate, […]