Sky is Bugged and RMT-ed

Sky Despot, Depop and Bugged, FFXI Tu'Lia

Like usual, but its always hard to believe something until I’ve seen it… and today I did…

I felt like a gil seller when I was kiting and DoT-ing Despot to death… until claim was lost ._. This is like the new Ullikummi! How bad? Its bad…

RMT Sky, Training Robots and AoE GA Nuke, Tu'Lia of FFXI in Fenrir

Gil seller is so lol in farming it, train all robots, 10 blm -ga’s, all piled up, and start scattering people again. When I was writing about this, it reminded me of this thread on blue gartr.

RMT, China owns Sky and Tu'Lia, FFXI Meme, Fenrir

Sad but true ^_^. Maybe we should all just buy stones :). & Square sucks in fixing stuff. Obviously the Ullikummi fix didn’t do too much :)

So since sky almost made me want to /throwtable… its time to do some

Helping out with Missions

Plenty ^_^ Missions for the Nubs! I almosst die duoing this Dirtyhand Orc!

Windurst Mission 8-2, Davoi NM, Dirtyhanded Gochakzuk, FFXI

So yea :) Cier was Rank 9 so I’d be nice to be able to get her Rank 10 ^_^.

Rank 9 on Ciermel, Shantotto, Mandragora, Boyahda Tree Cut Scenes

Sky missions too… for Sakurakun~ and ya… we skip those NM pots, just die in the other end :D <3 dead tarus

Maiev and Sakurakun dead taru, Pot BC in Garden of Ru'Hmet

Other Stuff….

Haven’t really been surfing… just catching up on blog readings. Oh I did come by this blog… yes I do whore a lot in Technorati… and was talking about me ‘-‘

Spikeflail Blog at Livejournal

Pretty nice Photoshopping heh ‘-‘, there’s a tutorial on how to shop these screenshots here.

Anyway, quoted from Comalies’ Blog (Former Phoenix Adventurer)

Well i like to read others blogs, and well i often read Maiev’s Blog and many her blog links to. And well from what i read, the people and the server seem stable and friendly enough. . . There was also a thread on lolAlla where an eloquent new starter posted and Fenrir server tried to claim him. . . Surely a good sign? (I think it was Fenrir anyway. . . )

haha :) Never knew I presented Fenrir as a friendly server. Well I mean friendliness is very subjective. Even the same person, some people find me friendly while others hates me. I’m glad Comalies found her home though. I don’t bite, I only bite back! Oh… I am trying to turn away from negative posts though, I honestly don’t want my blog to be somewhat a battleground. A lot of people takes things and view them differently so… I should just avoid these thoughts by not typing it at all.

Oh yea, Comalies is from Phoenix, got 2x Lv75 and decided to drop it all and migrate to this server. She messaged me once, but was on April Fools so I thought it was some prank and just ignored. Just didn’t believe so many people across server reads this ^_^ *wave to trolls* I was kinda happy that I touched another adventurer’s heart into joining this server ‘~”. Jowahhh, when are YOU joining? xD

So yea drop by and say hi to another Fenrir adventurer :)

Comalies of Phoenix, Spikeflail Livejournal

Clicking the image above takes you to the blog.

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6 Responses to “Sky is Bugged and RMT-ed”

  1. Jowah says:

    Urgh i tried the mission for windy rank 9 one but we miserably failed…. @BRD BLM NIN WHM x_x
    Mega-super-hyper-scawy aggro and we died :(

  2. oO; why, thanks for getting “me” rank9… XD and say hello to Ciermel for me hehe ^^b

    …I’ll know who is to blame if I have nightmares involving fingers tickling me in my sleep! reminds me of that living hand thingie from the addams family ; ;

  3. Jowah says:

    Jeff move your ass and find me a cracked VRS while I work so I can make you that DAT :*
    /mail that

  4. Veve says:

    LMAO !
    I really like that China-Sky picture :)

  5. Maiev says:

    hahahha ya same, I love tatt China Owns sky!! They do own sky!

    Since I’m Chinese too!! GO China!! >.>

  6. Maiev says:

    Oops just saw Jowah’s post ‘-‘ugh I’ll try when my laptop’s back, right now, I’m posting from any computer I can find rofl w


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