Happy April Fools!

I apologize if I touch some sensitive heart during that prank! I had some really good entertainment in-game of friends who already assumed I am quitting for WoW :o It was a good laugh for me :) Although, I had to give away to some people because they were getting a bit emotional about that decision. I didn’t expect that coming though ‘-‘ but honestly, a bit harsh :3

Hay! I did hint it to you that its April Fools… you just didn’t READ IT! *I just typed it a bit too small ._.*

The Blizzard prank is always good. Last year it was the WoW Cafe ‘-‘, this year its the

Tinfoil Hat!

Description: Hides the user’s profile from the Armory (FFXIAH), also shows ??? for all item slots! Sounds like an item for Ext :) Also blurs out the character too! Imagine walking around appearing blurred out to people :) I really think I need one of these ^_^

Read the full article about this amazing WoW item here.

There were a few good pranks out there too so let me bring them to you :)

  • FFXIAH where it says if you don’t buy a single Dark Crystal of 1260, your chat log would be revealed ^_^ Halls of Shame revealed! Some people even took that blog post apart, sounds like a law suit is heading towards Scragg!
  • Gmail Paper? Services that prints all your emails? lol! [Read more…]
  • TheGeekHouse.com giving you an error page of Internet Explorer if you uses Firefox, and gives you Firefox error if you uses Internet Explorer? [Prank here…]
  • Google Writer to write Blogs? The best part is in the end ‘-‘ The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources :D [Read more…]
  • ThePirateBay announcing moving of servers to North Korea? So they can get full immunity to all kinds of copyright law suits? [Read more…]

Great :( Sony just phoned me and to fix my laptop…. the cost will be…

1899 (motherboard) + 150 (labor) + tax (15%) = New Laptop.

If you ever buy a small laptop, buy the warranty because everything is built onto the motherboard, so if any of the component breaks, it means your motherboard breaks. = 1899 w. This is not April Fools, I hope it was :(

4 Responses to “Happy April Fools!”

  1. raidenn says:

    I seem to remember something like a Pandaren takeout food that WOW had as a joke…

  2. Jowah says:

    I was going to make an april joke like that, saying i was going to quit, but i was too emo to worry about a stupid fake

  3. Maiev says:

    :) <3 Jowah regardlesss

    I can't believe how many fell for it :D!

    But whenever I think about quitting, I think about friends that I might leave behind / the linkshell that I was appointed to lead. I mean its a video game, but I guess the power that I get from running the linkshell means responsibility that I must also upload, eg. running it, keeping it operational. Power comes responsibility and I obviously have my part to do :(

  4. Reiginsei says:

    Hey Mai, sucks on the repair bill. Just buy a new one I guess? This is why I wont use Laptops ._.

    As for the April Fools, I saw RIGHT through ya :P


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