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Lv70 SAM and Parrying it to Lv75!

Going slowly… I know I can do it! Leveling Parrying is like leveling Goldsmithing. It might seem impossible, but its so cool to see it rising little by little! Baby steps! Since 62 (when I have parrying uncapped), I never partied again. I mean some people might argue sure, get 75 first then level it, […]

Breaking that Dissector Latent!

Whoa? No posts?! (Sorry :( this is like combining 3 posts into 1) I haven’t quit yet too! & so is Strawberrie XD! Haven’t been posting for awhile due to um.. procrastination! Don’t know, sometimes without good stuff to write, I just don’t want to write :< but this time, I got too annoyed and […]

Owning Nighteagle :)

These screenies is long time ago, but thought I’d share it now, its pretty lol, 100% satisfaction guarantee. One day, I was chilling, crafting and Nighteagle message me so I “nicely” reply? Here’s what happened… Nighteagle and Maiev’s Chat Log Regarding loosing 32m, yea :< I've broke 4 vir subligar to make manteels. This is […]

Removed 5 Merits, Duckie Love and Other Adventure!

Removed 5 Merits, Duckie Love and Other Adventure!

I apologize for the length of previous post :< I was goin split into another post but I was lazy :x and shove it in >

{Who?} Tsunade?!

Before we begin! Windower 3.24 out! Go get it @ the Official Website. What WHM do when they are bored… / 300 Chain Guide See most people cure themselves when they want skillups :) I guess when Tsunade’s board, he goes to cure mobs :O! Nevertheless, he capped his healing skills! *What about Summoning skills, […]