{Who?} Tsunade?!

Before we begin! Windower 3.24 out! Go get it @ the Official Website.

What WHM do when they are bored… / 300 Chain Guide

See most people cure themselves when they want skillups :) I guess when Tsunade’s board, he goes to cure mobs :O! Nevertheless, he capped his healing skills! *What about Summoning skills, ZOMG he had a SMN???”

Anyway, Tsunade also decided to share a bit of his secret Chain 300 {How to do it} tips. I’m sure you all might say “I’m Lv75, I know how to exp”, I’m not saying you don’t know how to :) but there’s always little stuff that we forget, but makes a difference when those “tiny errors” stack up. Treat his article as a reminder. Its very common knowledge, but he just combined it together in one article. Its all the “Oh yea.. I totally forgot about doing these in my party!” kind of thing.

So by all means go have a read, I guarantee you its some good read though, not some trash BS. If I do something horrible or not efficient, Tsunade would say it in my face :o. I’m not perfect and I love complements, in most cases, others see more than you do yourself therefore, other’s comments is actually very valuable, and I learn a lot more about managing MP from him.

A 3:18sec Proto-Omega

Very clean, no deaths, and was kept under control. Nicely lead by Istari and here’s da vid :)

The original unedited version in DivX can be found here. (Pwez right click and hit Save As… note: the 3:18 is not the video length =P but the actual duration of the fight when Omega turns red till dead)

Jailer of Love

Ya this is on Fenrir… woot drama :) But I didn’t go watch it myself. By all means, if you feel like reading about some drama :) u can read the BG thread below by clicking on the image :)

Speaking of Drama, yea GuessWho’s dead, scroll a bit down on the webpage to see the rest :o! I thought this SS that weeber took was pretty cool though :)

Grimace, Feromir, Resin, Ciermel, Bijuo, Istari, Maiev, Taru Dancing in Altaieu, FFXI Fenrir Server

A 16:9 Experience

Ever thought how much more you can see if you play on widescreen? :D Me and Scragg did a bit of experiment. Although I do feel bad for talking to him because I’m slowing down FFXIAH’s development progress by keeping the developer busy but, I guess he needs a break too :)

I’m somewhat tempted to get a widescreen now! (So I can see who’s stalking around me)

Some other updates

Recent HQ’s… 3 Triumph Rings.. 1 Heavens, 1 Triumph Earring +1, 2 Triumph Earrings.. HQ Crown -1 (Sold to Kogah, I knew he was kinda sweet talking me, 1.25 for a cursed crown -1 is kind of cheap, another of those hai bai customer._. , maybe he’s not but um.. you tend to get the feeling if they just stop talking out of no where ^^, gotta deal with it as a crafter)

Zimph made a Genie Weskit too, although that was bundled with a bit of Drama, like Hamburger must be bundled with Coke, Genie Weskit bundles with Drama these days :3

Cier also made an update on teh banner :O She’s one lazy bum which does graphics but don’t update XD

TaluTurks, the StarOnion Ciermel's Blog, FFXI Taru of Fenrir Server

One more vids :) lol (if you haven’t seen this yet)

Note: I started adding “Fenrir” LS Websites as blogger :) if they consists of a “news update / highlights” section :)

8 Responses to “{Who?} Tsunade?!”

  1. Scragg says:

    My shots in 16:9 are ugly (should of used 16:10 anyway). It could of been my dated vid card.

  2. Maiev says:

    Ya Mr.FFXIAH! Time to use those revenue for some good stuff XD j/k

  3. Maiev says:

    ugh…….. eh?!

  4. Mikedee says:

    I told him i’d post a pic of it on here for him…

  5. jtaru says:

    you can skillup curing mobs (other than undead)???

    that’s new to me ;(

    also, that mithrantaru thing is so freaky… loool

  6. Maiev says:

    hahaha yar, curing mobs is wut i found interesting too, like normal aerns :) tat’s why I gave him a post title :) smart ass XD

  7. Reiginsei says:

    That Mithtaru is scary.

    The way the fat head snaps around O.o


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