Removed 5 Merits, Duckie Love and Other Adventure!

I apologize for the length of previous post :< I was goin split into another post but I was lazy :x and shove it in ><. what about this, I'll let you slap me in-game :)

RDM Red Mage Tier 2 Merits, Wind and Ice Magic Accuracy

Removed 5 Wind Acc for 5 Ice Acc, RDM Tier2 Merits!

Remove 5 Wind merit for 5 Ice Merit, Rants of Yinnyth.

Anyway :) So Zimph wanted me to xp.. so bad.. but seriously.. I didn’t really want to, because I haven’t played as an exp pt rdm since… May? (lol). But I didn’t feel like getting no merit points at all, so I removed merits.. just so I can exp. (Click image to see what happened)

Anyway, although I had fun, but Yinnyth is got to be the most annoying bard I’ve ever party with. He…

  • doesn’t consider me that I haven’t exp on rdm since.. May?! That dude can’t stop his mouth me forgetting to Silence/Dispel Philosopher (blm), because… Square Swap Philosopher and Infiltrator’s job around in June patch? and I haven’t exp since?
  • Talks rudely, claims he is leet and everyone else is crap (seriously, I never talk shit to people when I was still an Omen member. We are all adults and is expected to respect each other?) Well maybe use some of THAT MP would be better than wasting time shit talking? Just like someone said, mini Rora.

You earn respects in this game, they don’t come free nor comes bundled with an Omen pearl, I’ve lost all my respect for that whatever bard.

Enough talks, I removed 5 Wind because…

Duoing Brothers with Istari, Homam head, Didgist Yusuisum maiev being sat on, Dead Ciermel

Can you feel the Duckie love?!

  • 5 Wind Acc + MND food + MND songs + properly equip gear = suck in Silencing Suzaku (at least no guaranteed success, got to do 5-6 tries)
  • Aero III sucks.
  • Gravity does not really buy time when you are soloing, you still got to out-run.

Ice owns because…

  • Bind actually buys time for you to stoneskin, blink
  • Blizzard III is even better!
  • Paralyze II gets the benefit too.

Lesson learned. Never listen to people (*ahem Rora ahem*) for advice when you upgrade merit. Upgrade that fits YOUR play style. Everyone play differently, and there is no one way to upgrade merits.

As you can see from that SS too, I’ve removed 2 Dia3 upgrades because I no longer merit on rdm, and I made that decision back when it was June/July. That negro really needs to pull his pants together and merit his bard’s skill and socializing skills than just doing e-peen enlargement (which is failing pretty bad).

Zimph, Maiev Tazo and Istari, Vermillion Cloak, Poett HQ Mahatma Cape, Port Jeuno

What have MaiTalu been doin?

  • (Top Left) Yay Homam Hat! (Thanks people ^^)
  • (Top Right) ENM with people but dies like 10 times on the way up.
  • (Bottom Left) Did some jailers, and how my LS member LOVES me so much.
  • (Bottom Right) Solo Bugbear ENM only to find out Bind and Gravity both resisted like a bitch at 35%, so GG :x

I had Ciermel to tractor me up the cliff (she just gamble her way to get into mine shaft and tractor me up!) *grin* nice way to get there fast if you didn’t know :)

I’ve also been chilling and adventuring. Look at that top right picture! Zimph got his robot in his back aww! Whoa to Poett’s self sign Mahatma Cape! and ya :) Trying to get Tazo dirty too XD! by getting her addicted to Limbo!

Can GM REALLY restore item? Some other updates!

Can they? Well apparently, Weeber decided to toss his Morion Ammo and go ask the GM to restore it! And….. here’s what happened.

As always, I’m always dead -.-; Anyhow, other updates!

This gotta be the most LOL video :) You’ll love it, especially the end! OK, going to stop post before it gets too long!

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11 Responses to “Removed 5 Merits, Duckie Love and Other Adventure!”

  1. Alexanderz says:

    My friend threw Bibiki Seashell. He got his item restored but that’s once per a life time … Better not to try and test it, lol.

    Congratz to your Homam hat. I’ve got Homam pant yesterday !! :)

    PS. Did a salvage run, shitty drop lol.

  2. Didgist says:

    Kudos on the Ice Magic Upgrades, I’ve used 3Wind 2Ice since intitially setting up merits and I wouldn’t mind 5/5 Ice from what I’ve seen. Another thing about Ice vs. Wind is that ( I have heard/seen from experience.) that mobs build resistance to Grav a hell of a lot faster than Bind. Gonna go try to solo Khamaira 13 so I can Salvage now D: Peace.

    ps. Sitting on someone while they are dead is a sign of affection. :D

  3. Jowah says:

    Ahah about the GM recovery thing. Vetter to know this. I always remove my /ra macro when not using a ranged job like COR u.u I don’t want to do something wrong and throw my morion by accident.

    Haven’t see your vid coz dyna makes me emo =p still wanna do it.
    And gratz for homam xd

  4. Jowah says:

    and I speed’ up my firefox ….dang it’s cool :x work alot faster now xd thanks for the tip Mai

  5. Etain says:

    Yinnyth has been on my blacklist for AGES- I ran across him when I was a lowbie brd (2 years ago x_x) and he was a total obnoxious ass to me.

    Next time ask a real brd for merits. ~.^

  6. Mikedee says:

    Yah! Ask me for merits =3

    I see what you did there with the wind Merits. I’ll stick with Ice/Wind for now >:3

  7. Maiev says:

    lol Digi and Jowah :D

    and ya… i ask why we had Yinnyth as bard…i mean sure I’d want to merit with zim but… not when there’s mini rora in the exp party :( ya real brd ftw… I hope Yinnyth have other jobs… because if not…then he needs to go farm some crawlers (lol), to do the real e-peen enlargement than using his mouth onry :x

    • Yinnyth says:

      Hey, Maiev. I know we had some rough times and some disagreements. I never held it against you. I know you were fighting for whataru you believed was rightaru, I just thoughtaru you were wrong Sorry to have caused you so much grief. It’s been over 10 years now. Maybe you can forgive me…?

      I never held any of thataru against you as a person. I always held you in high regard, I just assumed you were wrong about some things. Apparantly, you resented me for thataru.

      Oh wait… you were never part of my Tarutaru roleplay phase… HAH! You actually got the better part of my time in FFXI. Still though… sorry…

      • Maiev says:

        Bra, no worry its been so long I’ve even forgotten about it :) But I’m happy to see you browsing your history too :)

        I actually remember your bard and your AF1 look lol…

  8. SohJai says:

    Congratulations on your new Merit upgrades!

    But… I hate you for no Dia III … although my RDM has none either =X


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