Owning Nighteagle :)

These screenies is long time ago, but thought I’d share it now, its pretty lol, 100% satisfaction guarantee. One day, I was chilling, crafting and Nighteagle message me so I “nicely” reply? Here’s what happened…

Nighteagle and Maiev’s Chat Log

Regarding loosing 32m, yea :< I've broke 4 vir subligar to make manteels. This is just one of it. Trying to make 2m, so used like… 32m to earn 2m lol :)

One of the LS’ Website Logo

Purdy nice :x, I wish someone drew one for Duckies :/ Isn’t it pretty

Daggy, Kupobos, DaggyInk, Diane Modena, LovelyDagger, FFXI Fan Art Drawing

Drawn by Daggy again (I’m just a fan of her art now) :x Oh yea, go vote for her design, its #222 ^^; Can help her out in college if she wins :) Its really simple, no need to verify emails or what so ever, fill in details, and click away. Unlike forums where you have to activate, you can just vote as soon as you finish filling out the details.

And yea, Vista runs fine on Windows Vista (Release to Manufacturer Version), in fact, FFXI never ran on my Windows XP laptop! So Vista is better than I thought ^^ Maybe Directx 10 really plays a role :)

Maiev, FFXI on Windows Vista Windower

Its also been awhile I’ve seen my real taru :x MaiTalu’s in the green rug, ugly W.legs, lame hairstyle :<. Oh yea, here's a few things I learned about Vista so far :) Windower isn't fully compatible. Overtime when you alt tab a lot, your keyboard stops functioning for FFXI and I don't know why. Some famous program doesn't work :/ such as 3ds max, Kaspersky Antivirus. Standby is kind of buggy, and DRM (Digital Rights management) DOES eat CPU power :x Anyhow, just a quick post :) Hope you like tat Nighteagle's Chat XD, and dun feel like Novio drama, maybe later :) Interesting stuff from MaiTalu:

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10 Responses to “Owning Nighteagle :)”

  1. Weeber says:

    “I lost 32m once, so maybe stfu?” Comedy Gold! Maybe even bordering on platinum?

  2. Maiev says:

    LOL :) I like the part where he keeps bragging about how he fought Cerberus with Event (the JP LS), and all he did to get into the alliance, was to help JP open the Gate ^^; lol :)

  3. Reiginsei says:

    All he did was open the door lolol! Ah man I suddenly get very worried when Nighteagle starts talking about stolen items ._.

    And FFXI runs well on Vista? DX10 could be awesome, hope SE can make it compatible.

    One thing I really wish is that it becomes compatible with Duo Core processors. I got a ll this new hardware and its no use for my favourite game! Arrgh!

  4. Jowah says:

    would you please send me a manteel through servers ? :O
    And thanks to you I’m 100% sure to get Vista on my new comp, I’ll wait more and buy UBER components.
    Is vista fraps compatible ?

  5. Maiev says:

    Havent tried, i’ll test em for u in a bit :D

  6. Mikedee says:

    lol @ Nighteagle crying about losing gil. I mean one time I got V.Claw from KS30 and Balak broke it (/emo if I sold at that time I’d have a Enfeebling Earring~ but I like taking risks :3)

    When I was on Titan I had a 75DRG with Stage3 Relic. I left because I wanted a challenge. I found it on Fenrir.

  7. Azaru says:

    Maiev, is the chocobo hugging wallpaper available anywhere?

    Looks very cute kupo ^^

  8. Maiev says:

    Reply to Azaru:
    lol its home made :)
    Daggy (you will find her on the 1st thread of KI’s “fan-art” thread), drew me this (its actually my taru with my moogle/baby choco), i then got a background and stamp it in :) notice the shadow isn’t really going with the light rays XD

    uploaded my wallpaper, so feel free to use it for yourself (until daggy draws another one)


  9. Azaru says:

    doh that didnt work

    thank you!


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