Lv70 SAM and Parrying it to Lv75!

Going slowly…

I know I can do it! Leveling Parrying is like leveling Goldsmithing. It might seem impossible, but its so cool to see it rising little by little! Baby steps!

Since 62 (when I have parrying uncapped), I never partied again. I mean some people might argue sure, get 75 first then level it, but why not make use of this advantage such as lower evasion so parry can kick in more thus making it easier to level. I mean ok, lets say you can get 75 in 1hr, you still need to use like 750 hours after to level it. Well I can do it more fun :) Self exp, whenever I want, and also level parrying!

Parrying Skill, Maiev's Parrying Skillup on Taru Samurai, Ding Lv70, FFXI Fenrir Server

Well since you do spend a lot of time hitting IT mobs, there’s all the time you need to cap any weapon skills… but when Mai sam Level up… LOL

Ding Lv70 Samurai, Increased in Skills and Combat Skills

A bit of research on Seigan

I’ve been collecting data since 62 about how Seigan performs. Its in fact pretty interesting. Collected over 300+ Seigan duration and I found out…

  • Seigan roughly lasts 16.7 seconds
  • It can be gay and off in 1 event (blink)
  • As long as Seigan is on, everything is anticpiated meaning no damage is taken. Of course stuff like Feather Tickle still goes through.
  • Seigan lasts freaking 5 minutes
  • I strongly believe the rate of counter is not affected by the remaining duration of Seigan of any sort.

Here’s SE’s description on Seigan, if you are still interested.
Look at one of the screenshot today :O! Wow :)

Samurai Anricpiating an Attack, FFXI Maiev of Fenrir

Birdy so got pwned :)

Mai’s Baby Samurai Plan

Planning to make a PvP Samurai. With sort of high parrying skill, I could evade a few attacks. If each merit lowers 3rd eye for 2 seconds, 5 upgrade would be 10 seconds, pulling down the cooldown timer to nearly the time that Seigan wears off. That means… Infinite blink!!

5 3rd Eye, 5 TP store (so I can do 6 hit setup TP off my enemy). Overwhelm! So when you are facing me, not only I am countering and parrying your stuff like a bitch, but I’m doing extra damage to you :)

Long way till Parrying finishes but… holding on!

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  1. jtaru says:

    wow you’re behind in anime!
    go download naruto shippuuden too… naruto stopped at ep220 :P

    an OMG @ KISS – “Because I’m a Girl” LOOOOOOOOOOOL i feel like i’m in highschool again hahahaahhaha :D

  2. Ashiya Mizuki says:

    What Jtaru said Maimai, haha, that song brings me back like … 6 years ago XD High school girl ftw.

    You need to watch more Azn stuffs to keep up with time!

  3. Ashiya Mizuki says:

    For Maiev because he is so behind the Azn music knowledge! XD 6 years ago I watched this video for the first time, go go high school girl. It does bring back memory now :p

    Lyrics so a Talu can understand even though he doesn’t know Korean.

    I just can’t understand the ways
    Of all the men and their mistakes
    You give them all your heart
    And then they rip it all away

    You told me how much you loved me
    And how our love was meant to be
    And I believed in you
    I thought that you would set me free

    You should’ve just told me the truth
    That I wasn’t the girl for you
    Still, I didn’t have a clue
    So my heart depended on you, whoa

    Although I’ll say I hate you now
    Though I’ll shout and curse you out
    I’ll always have love for you
    Because I am a girl

    Been told a man will leave you cold
    Get sick of you and bored
    I know that it’s no lie
    I gave my all, still I just cry

    Never again will I be fooled
    To give my all when nothing’s true
    I won’t be played again
    But I will fall in love again



    I loved you so
    Now you leave me in the cold
    How could this be
    I thought that you’d only love me

    Into the night
    I will pray that you’re alright
    You hurt me so
    I just can’t let you go

    You took advantage of my willingness
    To do anything for love
    Now I’m the only one in pain
    Will you please take it all away

    Never thought being born a girl
    How I can love you and be burned
    And now I will build a wall
    To never get torn again

    (CHORUS) [2x]

  4. Whoa thanks for the tip about windower!! o_o; It’d suck if my account got frozen after like the 5th post on my baby blog hehe XD

  5. Maiev says:

    Reply to Ashiya:

    whoa Ashiya sure makes me into a nub ‘-‘ anyhow, damn its nice lyrics :)

    Reply to jtaru:
    Ya I’ve been watching that too, someone seed the fake 5th episode :( was so confused

  6. Aeyze says:

    Hot damn O: Crazy parrying gogogo

  7. Jowah says:

    Weh, skype phone, one of my next things to buy :3 And no, there will be still few chances I’ll talk with you again XD; you know, Jowah’s is shy and hates her voice.

  8. raidenn says:

    Thats korean drama for you….Surprised they didnt put another couple there and mix it up like most stories do.


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