Category : XI Drama

So like… history repeats..

Completely fuked over. So like.. history repeats. I had a Washroom comment on vent because I was in toilet like I had to go… Lagsave decided to go Bhaflau Remants, entered before I could even get out of toilet so yea :/ guess what, Cuffs dropped so this puts me 0/3 on #1 Prio 2/3 […]

Lag never fails me…

Jaina and Maiev :) Hated each other in WoW, but friends in FFXI I never thought the 10 Golden Rule of Online Gaming was so true, until someone pull Rule #5 on me. Let me quote Rule #5: 5: If you are losing (Or failing your teammates in FFXI), it is because of lag: Following […]

Merit Party Screening WTF? & Schooling a Sam :D

Tazo’s Procrastinating So yesterday, Tazo had some free time after teaching naughty high-school kids.. and I was (7/10 merit buffer) not completely maxed out, so we decided to merit. She phoned me and I was like okay, I’ll get on. Tazo then added a line “get on fast, cuz this guy wants to check your […]

Skeletor Botting in Party?!

I made a GM called the other day on a player named Skeletor. He’s a lvl 75 rdm that i gotten to familiar based on merit pts. from what i gathered, this guy oftentimes AFK… i’m not talking about 5-10 minutes. im talking about 30 minutes ++. Where the ldr had to boot him for […]

Taj busted ffxiclopedia’s dirty secrets!

Sorry man, its 6am, but I’m pretty entertained by this… Taj was right though, he asked them nicely to post some bills, hosting plan etc…. but he refuses to even give out those details. So in the end, Taj had to break it through and find it out for us… I didn’t donate to […]