Skeletor Botting in Party?!

I made a GM called the other day on a player named Skeletor. He’s a lvl 75 rdm that i gotten to familiar based on merit pts. from what i gathered, this guy oftentimes AFK… i’m not talking about 5-10 minutes. im talking about 30 minutes ++. Where the ldr had to boot him for AFK-ness and comes back a half hour later with a lame excuse.

but anyway, this time he gave me a /tell for a exp party invite. since he was 5/6 on members, i decided to accept since i wanted to cap merits on my sam asap and my other random /tells werent that specular. So the PT setup was rdm (skeletor), SCH (JP guy), brd (me), drg, thf, pld and we were camping in the nyzul isle ==> bhaflau thickets camp.� so anyway, after getting the first merit, i was okay, pt seems to going smoothly and everyone seems to be doing their job. and i’m like pulling away like a good bard i am ^_^. but then after a while, one of the guys started to poke Skeletor and ask whether he was there. then the PLD said, “I got refresh from RDM.” and i was like, ” okkay…maybe he’s not talkative.” the one of the guys started to say something about botting where he would refresh himself and then the PLD. and i was like ” WTF O_O??!?! BOTTING IN MERIT PT…..” i felt bad for the SCH cuz he was doing all the work in the pt =/.

so to test whether he was botting or not, i decided to park the birdies just out of the reach of party so that they would have to move over to the birdy to wake it up. i kept doing till the party was on the opposite side of the camp XD!!! and he was still there on the other side refreshing himself constantly. my first thought was… ” OKAY!! MPK MPK MPK!!!!! ” but in order to do that, i would have to kill the PLD and at least 1/2 of the pt in order to get him killed X_X;;. Innnnnnnsttead i just told the pt ” i gtg, i cant pt like this ” and GM his sorry butt!!

(sorry dont have proof that he was botting, because i had filters on and i warped out already =/)

but here’s the quick conversation i had with the GM.

after an hour, I couldn’t find Skeletor on sea searches. either he logged off or he got GM-ed.

but seriously, how lame do u have to be??? botting in a merit pt?? RDMs and their new lows………

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