Merit Party Screening WTF? & Schooling a Sam :D

Tazo, Fenrir, Maiev, FFXI

Tazo’s Procrastinating

So yesterday, Tazo had some free time after teaching naughty high-school kids.. and I was (7/10 merit buffer) not completely maxed out, so we decided to merit. She phoned me and I was like okay, I’ll get on. Tazo then added a line “get on fast, cuz this guy wants to check your gear before he invites you”

I’m like “WTF?”

Apparently the dude in Tazo’s party say “our” server fails since everyone uses Amemet Mantle +1! Oh wow, when did Amemet Mantle +1 being associated with “n00b”, so okay… I went to a LS member, borrowed an Amemet Mantle +1, strip naked with a GKT (without grips), Life Belt and an Amemet Mantle +1.

He checked me. Next thing, he invited me cuz… “I was previously in O??? HNMLS =_=, he can’t be bad”, although I don’t really appreicate me still being associated with my previous LS, especially how none of my whole Samurai equipment was obtained in my previous LS! Regardless… I don’t think a linkshell in FFXI really determines a player skill anyway. Some of the greatest player I know in FFXI don’t even have a linkshell, and some of the most horrible players are in HNMLS.

/begin rant

Tazo, Fenrir, Maiev, FFXI

The 2 DD that requested /check before invites!

In WoW, a good guild does mean good players though. One fuckup from -anybody- and the whole Raid suffers. Blizzard don’t allow shitty players to slip by, hence shitty players will never be in good guild (or removed from a good guild), and will almost -never- end up with good gears.

I personally had experience in both MMO’s endgame and… I have to say I’ve personally seen shitty players slip by in FFXI, but in WoW, I don’t see it being possible at all.
/end rant

Anyway, I equip myself just as I engage my 1st Colibri, constantly swap gear so they can’t really check =P, and of course turned on my Parser. These peeps is just too overrated IMO. I didn’t had time to fix FFXIP so it only picked up Melee damage. But hay… a Togi mnk was only 0.5% ahead of me =P. That’s excluding a Samurai’s expertise: Weapon Skill master. Those Jins and Asuran Fists wern’t very good vs a B-weapon Penta Thrust (here’s an image with all 3 WS). Compared to my average weapon skill damage? They were IMO, so overrated. (Those 2 DD were in the same LS too)

So when did FFXI had so many of these people? Check before getting an invite on Exp parties? Okay, gear check before pearling.. I can understand. But just for a damn exp party? I personally don’t go to this extent. I remember in the past, I LFP on RDM and… I sometimes get invited to Paladin party (Since RDM can refresh a PLD better than a BRD). For sure Paladin is horrible exp guarantee (well most of the time), but hay, I stick around with no complaints, for at least an hour. Gear check before an exp party is a little bit too much. If you do check, at least own my parser…

It was a good laugh, and I constantly were laughing on Vent at these people’s weapon skill. Its so horrible. Jin for 5xx on Colibri, gtfo. Not to mention our party had 2 bards, and they wanted Accuracy songs =P (Acc are for the weak :D, I’d much prefer Minuet/March)

Broken parse results (melee dmg only).

Well you can tell he might be a server transfer, since he says “our” server fails, sounded like his previous server owned a lot. Well maybe when the 3 months timer is up, they should transfer back to their own server.

So yea… some people are little bit overrated. Its just a merit party man.. less QQ and more pew pew.

Polearm Samurai Talk

Vs Colibri.

I have to say, haven’t regret meriting Polearm with 8 merits. There’s plenty of advantages over say… Dragoon when it comes to WS. Being able to wear Hauby is definately a plus, STR and accuracy all-in-one. The access to Hasso (which + accuracy), and meditate is a big plus over Drg.

Weapon wise. The best Polearm is probably Engesuto (well +1 if you can xD, I can’t find it T_T) vs Dragoon’s Mezraq. Although its got impairs Evasion, which only benefits when it procs. But with no food, having +accuracy would be quite beneficial, at least for personal DPS.

DPS wise, 10.56 vs 11.34. Its ~ 10% more damage but if you pop Hasso, you can gain those dmg back :D Drg job trait have Acc bonus, but so does Hasso. You’d probably end up having the same DPS.

Another advantage is… (what I do), we have defensive abilities (Seigan + 3rd Eye) while having Berserk on. This is a great attack boost while not putting a burden on your healers. Drg on the other hand ‘~” can only rely on their Jumps to release hate, which consists of a pretty long cooldown.

Maiev FFXI of Fenrir, Samurai Exping Colibri

Maiev schooling other Samurai :/

Well afterall, these are Colibri and takes extra damage from Polearm anyway and I’m simply abusing it, but with the lack of DRG walking around, having a Polearm Samurai isn’t really a bad idea!

Some screenies of Polearm WS after the 2h update. (Our bard don’t have Minuet merited btw)

Oh I forgot to say, I had another Samurai in my party >.> seriously outparsed… and I felt so bad when he type “Thanks for Schooling me” just as he disbanded :( it was my 1st party after 2hand polearm update, so I was really excited when I reach a new high everytime… but he felt like I was schooling him :/

Some people might see me just talking sarcastically but… I tend to end sentences with smilies like xD, XD, :) just to… make it sound more happy and less serious… but I guess he took it as “rofl at you” >.>

If you’re interested with my Polearm setup, you can see it here.

Anyway /end Samurai Talk. One tip: Accuracy is the king to everything, both in WoW and FFXI. (I havta say, the way I beat people’s parser in WoW is also about Accuracy. People stack Attack Power (Attack in FFXI) and always always forget about Hit Rating (Accuracy in FFXI)… :/ I rather go over the Accuracy Cap, then be under it and miss.

Btw, I found a USB Toaster, you gotta go see the video lol!
Another one… man climbs many tall buildings with bare hands… watch it on YouTube. Wow!

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  1. Bubian says:

    Who was that lolplayer that wanted to check your gears again? I had never heard of him before… must have been a lolservertransfer…

  2. Maiev says:

    :( I dunno, I just don’t wanna see FFXI to turn into WoW

  3. Wuusaa says:

    Wow, wander into a great place.
    SAM is what I consider my “Main” main job.

    [Thank you] for schooling me.


    this helps a lot.

    /em picks up Polearm. /psych


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