Taj busted ffxiclopedia’s dirty secrets!

Sorry man, its 6am, but I’m pretty entertained by this…


Taj was right though, he asked them nicely to post some bills, hosting plan etc…. but he refuses to even give out those details. So in the end, Taj had to break it through and find it out for us…

I didn’t donate to Wiki, and I hope you didn’t too… cuz if you did, ouch ‘.’

The real juice of this whole thing + discussion can be found on the BG forums. I guarantee you that it will keep you entertained at work!

I love FFXI Wiki, it really helped me as a leader to remind me what to do, the info was great but… knowing the stuff behind it.. makes me say “no thx” to ffxi wiki. I hope the BG community go create their wiki, it’d be more 1337 lol for sure!

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  1. Mashu says:

    People seem to forget that SE appropriated money to them to help out maintaining the servers as per being a community website– which Taj claims to be about $500/month.

    To squander about $9000 some dollars in a few months time required some serious embezzlement and mismanagement. :P

    Oh wells, hope BG’s wiki is way more successful! XD


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