So like… history repeats..

Completely fuked over.

So like.. history repeats. I had a Washroom comment on vent because I was in toilet like I had to go… Lagsave decided to go Bhaflau Remants, entered before I could even get out of toilet so yea :/ guess what, Cuffs dropped so this puts me

0/3 on #1 Prio
2/3 on #2 Prio
3 4 5 I dunno…

This is the 3rd pair of Cuffs that I missed (That was suppose to goto me)…

80+ runs? :) I feel like I’m getting screwed over on purpose…or being used as slavery.. I can’t handle 80+ runs and nuffin accomplished, and I feel that the system is flawed because… it doesn’t taken into accounts for people like me who… attend equal amount of hours and… don’t get shit. Here’s one possible way of analyzing it.

Possible Situation (Simulating my Salvage LS’ System)

There are 4 people, A B C D, all needs the exact same stuff.

People all need stuff from Zone A. (Say 4 people, as A B C D), A B people got it and now need Zone B.
People need stuff from Zone B, did a few and got 1 item from Zone B for A

LS decided to do Zone A and try to get stuff for C D, C got his stuff today.
More Zone B since we need it, B and C got it now
Now we just need to spam Zone C. C finished it since he was on Priority due to 2/3, A and B also got it.
Since B and C needs 1 piece to complete, they go after Zone B

A B C finish, and now goes onto their second priority. Now stimulate this situation with 20-30 people.. then you’ll always have people that is 2/3, so if you don’t get your shit when the LS first run it, you’re kinda screwed. That is me. Runs are decided based on how many are on and who needs stuff. It doesn’t sound bad but when selecting runs that doesn’t take into account who already got stuff and who doesn’t, and only looks for what needs to be completed, then it completely screws over people like me.

Its a flaw in a Prio system because the system is only as good as.. the run selection process.

How I’d fix it.

My Salvage LS currently have a system where… if you attend 50+ runs, your priority of your item gets bumped up by one. But its so worthless if the zone isn’t for you. It takes into account the lotting process, but it doesn’t take into account the selection process. With a fixed priority, then the system is only as good as the run selection process. Say…there’s 5 people

A have 1 completed piece, wants Zone 1
B have 1 completed piece, wants Zone 1
C have 1 completed piece, wants Zone 1
D have 1 completed piece, wants Zone 2 have +1 Prio
E have 0 completed piece, wants Zone 2

My current LS will pick Zone A. But if you assign weights to it, say a person with 0 completed pieces are count as 2 person, then Zone A and Zone B are now the same. Now if you taken into account Prio +1, that person has attended long enough to get a Prio boost so.. with a weight system, Zone B will be selected. This takes into account people who is completely lucked out like me, while making Priority system still working… but when runs are selected simply based on head count, then its flaw imo~ and I’m the perfect example to express this flaw. I don’t emo to the selection process and try alter it, and have never sent a tell wut so ever… I let it go naturally for 80 runs, this is what I end up with. Nuffin.

Wasting Pieces.

Also.. I hate people wasting pieces. There are peeps who got all, but just sitting on it. It saddens me when those that have pieces, aren’t even motivated to farm and try to make their piece. They just let it sit in their moghouse while… I’m 0/3 and I put equal amount of effort, if not less.

One thing that I’d like about Omen is their abj system. You sitting on an uncursed Abj, you can’t lot something else. This actually gets people to THINK what you really need/can use, and not completely wasting shit. At least make an effort to farm.. but those that just logins and goes to do CB and not making an effort to farm pisses me off.

I guess that’s Happy Chinese New Year for me :) /fuks u over again to start. Should have flew back to Hong Kong… wouldn’t have made a difference even if I was here.

Side note: Hong Kong currently have this crazy scandal going on. Read more here. But be advised don’t click on ANY pictures within that post.. its completely NOT WORK SAFE.

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2 Responses to “So like… history repeats..”

  1. Jowah says:

    Dont you have someone to bot you to lot for runs ? >_>;

  2. Maiev says:

    Was really.. in the freaking toilet lol…
    Runs are never decided until last minute… so I never know what to change or what sub job, took a poop while waiting for results and get fuked over :(