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Daggy’s FFXI Fan-Art Website!

DaggyInk’s Website! A Gift for Daggy It was always something I wanted to do for Daggy, a fan site for all her FFXI fan-art drawing. I like her style and her drawing, and I always wanted to do a website but I was so busy before, like every single bits of my time was used […]

Fascinating Video on “Video Game”

Video Game better than Life? Video Games better than Life Its stunning :O! It’s point out a few good facts. Video games are really blurring the lines between RL and E-Life Video game violence starting to look real, but then real violence starting to look like a video game. So true! How about… the graphics […]

Blizz Con Arena Tournament

selective queuers vs Concil of Mages(CoM) Blizz Con Tournament Since the Wraith of the Lich King (WoW Expansion) will be out in less than a month, Blizzard is concluding this expansion with a cash-prize Arena Tournament! So far its been very interesting to watch. As always, strategy, mind reading and player skill all plays a […]

The Dark Bailout + The Guild EP’s!~

First thing first, check the “screenshot” of these item on ffxiah =_=; lol. Galkan Sausage Meat Mithkabob lol Pepperoni Pizza :D You get the point =P Not to FF related, but I find it funny ;) The Dark Knight + Bailout Plan :D Its SO WELL DONE lol. The Dark Bailout See more funny videos […]

WoW: Authenticator, Humor Vids and Art!

Requesting Authenticator Code Be warned, WoW related. (I kinda bundled it up so it doesn’t seem like I talk about WoW a lot :D) Authenticator Its actually not a toy, but the security feature that I talked about awhile back! Well I finally got myself one and its pretty lol! Feels safe to login from […]