WoW: Authenticator, Humor Vids and Art!

WoW Authenticator, Account Login and Password

Requesting Authenticator Code

Be warned, WoW related. (I kinda bundled it up so it doesn’t seem like I talk about WoW a lot :D)


Its actually not a toy, but the security feature that I talked about awhile back! Well I finally got myself one and its pretty lol! Feels safe to login from remote location too. So yea mines arrived, registered and stuff!

So yea, I tested out on login page (actual game) and the Web Account Management. Its nicely secured. It first checks if you have an authenticator, if you do then you need to input all 3 piece of information all at once before they check. So its not like you can start guessing password, after you know password then start guessing the authenticator code. All 3 pieces of information gets evaluated together and then give you an answer. (So you can type a valid login, wrong password, and it will still ask for an authenticator code)

So yea, gives me a peace of mind for having this but then :/ on days where you forgot your Authenticator at home and bored at work :/ well no dice, can’t login lol! But its a small price to pay IMO for the added extra security!

Anyway, onto more WoW News.

10-Boxing Karazhan

10-Boxing Karazhan

I thought I was pretty good 2boxing FF, but oh no not when you saw this… someone 10-Box Karazhan, when we have people wipe to the first boss of Karazhan (which also tells you the amount of retarded players in WoW)

WoW Insider wrote a strategy guide on how to 10box it! I didn’t finish reading it but… lol!

It definitely looks feasible and do-able, but damn leveling that many accounts, the monthly bill just to 10-box is something I need to think about, not to mention it kinda defeats the purpose of MMORPG, kinda turning into Massively Single Player RPG :D

Also, has a lot of info on boxing skills, not really for FFXI though. But its interesting to read about what people do in 2boxing such as using programs to “key clone” ^^;

Arts and Crafts - Tissue Box

QQ Nullifier – Alliance Only

Arts and Crafts!

Kinda my interest these days, looking around for cool stuff to make :O then I found this! The Alliance QQ Nullifier (LOL)

I don’t know but why does Alliance QQ so much! People are so racist!

But regardless :D With this Tissuebox, it will null all QQ’s :)

Here’s the picture and step by step instruction of how to make one yourself :D

No more QQ’s from you alliance okay!? :D

Next we have… Addons!


My favorite Palm OS game is now available in WoW =_=; lol. Yes, people are so bored waiting for others to just gather (even with summoning) that someone coded Bejeweled in-game. Wow lol…. No comment!

Come check it out here. The website for that addon is fukin good too! You know I always wonder when will someone write a Pizza Hut addon, where all you have to do is type in your Postal Code, and you can order online and everything will be done for you. Now that’s messed up LOL :!

Bejeweled addon webpage here.

PS: Sorry if I deleted your comment, too much spam and I might not have picked up the legit comment.

4 Responses to “WoW: Authenticator, Humor Vids and Art!”

  1. Mika says:

    Damn xD
    And i thought Multi Box MGT heroic was already sick with 5 shaman >,<.

  2. Maiev says:

    Oh hay ty for droppin by.

    And seriously lol, I always thought that one was crazy, but when I saw this one, I was like damn someone really taken this to the next level lol :D

  3. Etain says:

    Hey, the Bejeweled add-on is great if you’re like me and take 8+ minute flight paths around Azeroth, lol. :3 But I won’t download/install that because it will suck my life away. :x And I’m trying to keep a balance between WoW and FFXI. :3

    I found this chick who makes nifty WoW-jewelry. Some if it’s kinda cheesy, but some of it’s cute, like the Carrot On a Stick keychain, hehe.

  4. Maiev says:

    lol @ wow sightseeing.
    But I do know what you mean by trying to strike a balance. Stuff like this will obviously affect it :D


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