Daggy’s FFXI Fan-Art Website!

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DaggyInk’s Website!

A Gift for Daggy

It was always something I wanted to do for Daggy, a fan site for all her FFXI fan-art drawing. I like her style and her drawing, and I always wanted to do a website but I was so busy before, like every single bits of my time was used running the linkshell. So yea, here’s one way of how I am spending my break – doing things I like.. such as creating DaggyInk! Go check it out :)


She’s a great artist, and if you have a few bucks lying around, why not have her draw your epic FFXI character, that you spent countless hours on? You can find the rest of the details on the new website! And no, I don’t get commission for advertising haha! In fact, I’m using those new coupons that I got from Google Ad-Words to run ads on her FFXI fan-art website :D!

If you do plan to do it, just email her using the email form om DaggyInk, and say you saw an ad on Maiev’s website and she might give you a little discount =P

Speaking of the latest commission, I got it printed in POSTER size :D Here’s the artwork – Heavens Tower with Farkee.

Speaking of art, check out someone’s Carbuncle Tattoo O.o now that’s serious business!

Poster Printing Problem…

For the first time, I was being asked for a copyright slip… for wide-format printing. They won’t print unless I show them in writing that I have copyright permission (I even have all the original files etc, but they won’t print unless it’s in writing). O.o I find it surprising but then it should be done. I just didn’t expect that so was a little pissed off when I got there only to find out nothing can be done. Anyway…

Wraith of the Lich King?

World of Warcraft, Wraith of the Lich King Login-Page

Wraith of the Lich King!

I’m still struggling if I should play it casually. For one thing, I did not feel like I “truly” experience what WoW got to offer. I mean I stop Raiding at Gruul, so I really didn’t taste a 25man Raid (not even a 40-man Raid). However, I do feel I’ve played almost all aspect of FFXI, if not all…and gets kinda boring and tedious. I do want to try it out and just be a good team-player :D but the fact that I might get addicted kinda annoys me a little bit.

Damn that nice login screen… I want to play :x

I don’t know, I have other important stuff to do but… seems like playing WoW casually (just to check out the storyline at the very least) doesn’t sound that bad of an idea!

Sigh @ my Epics… but oh well, wasn’t some kick ass gear.

Still thinking… wish I can play with Etain :( or Ashiya (BTL) but she doesn’t play too much :x

Anyway, I just cleaned out my PC, is much more smooth now so I can do a lot more blogging (Vista is the shit) yay!

PS: Boy gets shocked stealing McCain sign haha…

6 Responses to “Daggy’s FFXI Fan-Art Website!”

  1. Calaera says:

    Play casually! I am even though I have some stuff on FFXI I should focus on… >_<;

  2. ClassicRed says:

    <3 site :3 Sent email <.<;!

  3. Maiev says:

    whoa cool :D u got something decided? ^^; full CG? it better have me somewhere :D

  4. Maiev says:

    hehe well looks like you found a fine balance between both MMO and rl :D for me I’m still kinda bombarded with stuff irl :/ i’m just glad gaming isn’t affecting my rl atm :o

  5. Shamu says:

    So nice! 4 yea when am I going to get 1 too!

  6. Maiev says:

    Come back to Toronto and you might get one :)
    Now no dice!


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