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The Guild Season 2 =( Ended.

Codex/Felicia Day preparing for Filming Watch the Guild. The Guild – Season 2 EP12 Finale!! The ending of this season (S2 EP12) was extremely good… I mean EPIC!. For those that STILL haven’t watched it, I urge you T_T to go watch it. It is REALLY good. Here’s a link to the cast for those […]

Why people keep coming back to FFXI?

HitPoint Bandits by Chianne What SE did right. With the latest attention focused to bannings, everyone would only really just go with their bat and just keep hitting SE of what they did. I do agree it was a little bit severe, and they wern’t putting them in the player’s shoe when it comes to […]

WoW: Valentine Commercial & LM17 Discussion

Dabari’s Venture Co. Commercial Dabari’s Venture Co. HAHA made me laugh :D. For those that don’t play WoW, Gems are Jewels you “Socket” into weapon, to give it some extra strength like +2STR to your weapon. Mechanically in game, you cannot remove it, and they are using that in the commercial. Watch the Guild I […]

Mai X’mas Card to FF Fwens + WoW Talks.

The “Adorable” Mai Xmas Card! It’s been awhile I did something FFXi related. Although it isn’t directly related to the actual playing of the character, it does in fact involve the people who play the game =) There’s a ton of SS to this post… hope you love clicking ^_^; Mai Christmas Gifts On the […]

Moviewatch – The Bells of Northrend

The Bells of Northrend – Uploaded by Kamuraki to Awesome Christmas Video – WoW! Christmas Moviewatch Its probably IMO the best vid made in mankind :O! This video presents most of the landscape in the latest WoW Expansion – Wrath of Lich King :O! I especially like the crystalline forest :) I’m very impressed […]