WoW: Valentine Commercial & LM17 Discussion

Dabari’s Venture Co. Commercial

Dabari’s Venture Co.

HAHA made me laugh :D. For those that don’t play WoW, Gems are Jewels you “Socket” into weapon, to give it some extra strength like +2STR to your weapon. Mechanically in game, you cannot remove it, and they are using that in the commercial.

Watch the Guild

I hope you guys been following :D It’s now on EP11 and the final episode of this season is about to end next week!

Watch The Guild here.

For those that don’t know, The Guild is a video made by gamers about their MMO life. It’s really really.. amazing. You would definitely find things that sort of resembles you inside :D No worries, the video is in general MMO language, not WoW language.

For the MMO Addicts

This video is pretty funny :D Explains all our addiction to MMO’s :D It’s call “WoW Intervention”, but no worry, FFXI players would get it. You can watch it herehere’s an article about How Do You Quit an MMORPG. It’s just.. a good read.

LM-17 Banning (Yea.. Still)

There’s a really good podcasts by Limit Break Radio regarding the LM 17 issue. It’s definitely a nice episode since it’s discussed by cool-head people, from a normal player’s perspective. They brought up… something very interesting, from the recent PW kill… logout tactic.

Kaeko also have a very good writeup, reflecting his thoughts and experience over his own LM-17. It still saddens me these people got the shaft too :x Even Chinchilla did :x FFXI is really going to die =_=; 4real. I’ll be honest… the thought of just cancelling the Content ID kept crossing my mind.

8 Responses to “WoW: Valentine Commercial & LM17 Discussion”

  1. Pyra says:

    I saw the article about MMO addiction, and there is a lot I disagree with.

    First, the social issue. I know enough people who are dating/engaged/married due to meeting in a MMO to act as a rebuttal to a large percent of that argument. Personally, when I moved to a new state where I didn’t know anyone. I found myself buying a ton of DVDs — sometimes spending as much as $300/month — at least by wasting my time on MMOs, I save around $3000/year. Even if I didn’t play a MMO, most of the time would be spent watching TV or wasted just the same.

    Even if you want to consider the social aspect, I’ve met some of the people I hang out with because I play MMOs. I’ve gotten to know some of my co-workers who also play better because we share a common interest.

    Also, for me, WoW is still a lot of fun. It is also very new. Unlike FF, I felt like I can log into WoW for 20-30 mins and get something done towards my goals. But if I don’t want to log in, I don’t feel guilty about it. After playing FF, WoW is very much like a step-down system for me.

    There is also a tone of ‘mmos bad, other stuff good’. Is being ‘addicted’ to even photography to the point where it destroys your life a good thing? I knew a lady who was perpetually late to work because she was addicted to blogging. Is that somehow better because it is not a MMO? You sort of have something to show at the end.

    I’m not saying the author is all wrong, some of his points are quite good, especially the guild drama, no fun, feels like work part. From reading it, he had a very negative experience. My own experiences have been mostly positive.

  2. Maiev says:

    Hello Pyra ;D

    The author certainly took things to a little bit too steep. But I’m like same as you, good things happened because I played MMO. I’ve learned numerous skills because I play MMO, met a few more friends that I would have because I play MMO and you know what. If you don’t waste your time playing MMO, you could be doing something else such as channel surfing or playing board games. Everyone will find a way to waste time and jus so for us, its gaming.

    WoW’s been great to me to be honest. I finally can enjoy a game the way it meant to be. It’s also a step-down to casual gaming. FFXI requires too much commitment to do anything. Campaign is a good start, still not good enough and… it’s already too late to implement casual player changes… because in our mind, FFXi is already categorized as time-demanding MMO. At least me… 5 years, pretty sure I got that image burned into my head.

    I’m playing WoW with a lot of people, some Fenrir, RL friends, even with my teachers :D It’s been more enjoyable than what the author described :D But yea, I linked it just for a good read :D a different perspective ^^; hope that didn’t make you too pissed! ^_^

  3. Pyra says:

    Hello Maiev.

    Nah, it didn’t bug me. I’ve seen some articles like this in the past a few times. They usually pop up every so often.

    If you take the worst experience you could possibly have and post it as if it is everyone’s experience, then yes, it makes MMOs look bad.

    Conversely, if you take the best experience, then post as if that is everyone’s experience, it can look all rosey where people find true love, etc.

    I believe the vast majority of people fall far in the middle. They don’t have a life-altering experience, but they do have a lot of enjoyment. I personally play for fun. People ask me how I can stand some of the grind in WoW, and I tell them that I played FF for years, so it isn’t too bad. WoW really is the step down system, especially coming from a game like FF. Although a co-worker keeps trying to get me to play EvE Online.

    Personally, FFXI is the reason I have my job today. Because I played the game, I was able to become friends w/ an Ultima Online player I worked with, who in turn, got me my job (with a huge pay increase) a few years later.

    I’ve helped other FFXI players find jobs too. They started out as in-game friends, and now we play other games, go watch hockey, etc. One guy who I used to play FF with went to college with me, but was a friend of a friend who I didn’t really meet until my last semester. We became decent friends after college because we played FF together. Then he moved down to my area, so it is someone else to hang out with.

    Has everything been positive? No. But that’s generally how life goes, not everything is positive. Has it all been negative? Not even close.

  4. Maiev says:

    :) Well I guess it’s safe to say that author took it a little extreme. I mean I’m probably same as you! I got a pretty good experience out of this game (or pretty sure you’d already know from reading).

    But people just love to hit on how MMO affects lives :) It’s just like they always say Video Game creates violence, they just love to hit on it :) Attracts attention (and obviously mines).

    But yea jus an interesting read :) We never knew if he was an ass to begin with :) So that may be why he ended up with some shitty experience =)

  5. Takalo says:

    My addiction is still going strong. Hi, Maiev. :) Spam Spam Spam

  6. Maiev says:


    Time to get serious about gaming and HNM again? lol

  7. Takalo says:

    Against my better judgment, yes…. I think I need an intervention… Definitely, just look at that post time.. 2:01 am on a Monday.

  8. Maiev says:

    You need to checkout The Guild kthx!


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