The Guild Season 2 =( Ended.

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Codex/Felicia Day preparing for Filming

Watch the Guild.

The Guild – Season 2 EP12 Finale!!

The ending of this season (S2 EP12) was extremely good… I mean EPIC!. For those that STILL haven’t watched it, I urge you T_T to go watch it. It is REALLY good. Here’s a link to the cast for those that’s interested. Don’t worry, they use FFXI and WoW job names, so you don’t have to play WoW to understand.

If you haven’t even watch a single episode, you can start here.

They were celebrating their season ending on UStream :O was nice to watch them live :D

Watch The Guild, Codex, Zaboo, UStream

Codex/Zaboo memorizing lines.

Season 2 EP 12 EPIC Moments! (Spoilers)

Anyway.. Vork summarize what I felt like ^^; zomg :O I love 3:33 LOL, reminds me what exactly happened when I flipped out XD (although I didn’t goto the shower and wearing a suit LOL)

5:57 :/

7:38 “I don’t exist anymore…” oh man :x, reminds me of Minidragon

7:52 EPIC LINE LOL “I”m so glad I DID NOT DROP MY LOOT FOR YOU” *ahem, reminds me of some Novio Earring* LOL

Anyway =) so I hope you all watched it and enjoyed it!

ZOMG I can’t wait till Season 3 is out!! It’s like the new 24/Prison Break for me :O :O :O

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