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Dyluck cracked my April Fools!

TaruNaja back on Fenrir :) Hello April Fools ‘.’ I had quite a bit of laugh yesterday :) Not too bad of an April Fool joke. Although I could have refined it better, but thinking I’ve since I’ve just thrown a prank at my linkshell… I was like thinking.. lets cut them some slack. I […]

Welcome to Midgard…

Maiev now @ Midgard Server Maiev is gone… I’m afraid no one would believe me, but before you EMO at me, please finish reading it first. For so many times in the past 6 months, I wanted to quit FFXI. Its been tough… I try numerous method, such as playing WoW to lower my FFXI […]

Mai Birthday = You 100DKP MINUS!

Mai’s Birthday = Finally got Nashira Body Mai’s Birthday = Got Nashira Body I’ve been quite busy with random dinners lol :3 think I had like 4 separate dinner altogether :O! Tazo and her DotA friends treated me to some crazy expensive Dim Sum place xD (Each Dim Sum was literally $2 down the stomach […]

Shit Happens… (WoW & FFXI)

Winning a Salvage Boss with 1sec Left! Kirin Wipe =_= Here’s just some of the screenshot that I’d like to share! The fact that shit happens! Although I don’t have SS about the specific situation I’m talkin below, but yesterday was one of the most disasterous Kirin that I’ve ever had in my life… we […]

Latest Kirin Zerg!

Duckies’ Kirin Zerg Duckies’ Kirin Zerg Its been quite awhile since we’ve done a Kirin Zerg.. so here it is… Our setup is getting crappier and crappier :D Before we’d have 2 Kclubs and 2 Relics, now we only have 1 kClub and no relics… We have more Kclub available than … Dark Knights lol… […]