Mai Birthday = You 100DKP MINUS!

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Mai’s Birthday = Finally got Nashira Body

Mai’s Birthday = Got Nashira Body

I’ve been quite busy with random dinners lol :3 think I had like 4 separate dinner altogether :O! Tazo and her DotA friends treated me to some crazy expensive Dim Sum place xD (Each Dim Sum was literally $2 down the stomach xD).. then Eeto took me somewhere else.. then my co-workers.. and finally my College Friends.

FFXI Celebration

So during the past month… I’ve been whoring or… “Racking up” quite a lot of gear. I’ve finally got my Nashira Body… its nothing but town gear :D Its pretty xD (You know what, its a POS when it comes to stats but… a lot of people in my LS wants it :O). I’m like the Mini Naja in my linkshell now… or aka “their Biatch” I’ve racked up some.. Homam gear too (Shoes, pretty good), and some Salvage equipment too :) Got um.. Love Polearms too… and such ok.. got to stop listing :(

Apart from loot whoring, I also had some rofl in-game prank :) Since I wasn’t even on for my Birthday… at all, they had the whole evening to plan this out :) So they did the most famous one… filling up your Delivery Box with junk. It might work for most people but as you see on my FFXIAH, I don’t even use my AH :)

Birthday Prank, FFXI, the StarOnion Brigade, Rock Salt, Delivery Box

Junk in Delivery Box

The Birthday Prank + Revenge

So everything was having SO MUCH fun laughing at my Dbox… so I was like kay.. I don’t have the time to clear it so I really logged :3 But I was thinking.. these guys gotta suffer!

At first I was going to hit the “Return to Sender” button, but its too much trouble to do it for infinite amount of items (I don’t know how many)… so instead, I abused my linkshell leader right to put a prank… here’s what exactly I typed on forums :)

Since its a private forum, I’ll just post a screenshot of my Opening Post (OP) below :)

the StarOnion Brigade, Maiev, DuckHUNT, April Fools, Prank, FFXI

So I created a totally fake excel sheet with all their old score and linked it (only by linking it will it be a prank :3 can’t really mod the real sheet). Most of them think I just provide the link at their “convenience”, but actually its the fake sheet :) So if you browse it using Internet Explorer, you’ll see the last row HAHA.

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New Moogle Plushies!

New Plushies

Anyway, I posted it.. no one even had a word on it or wanted to reply, they all think I’m serious about it :3 (Although I think.. saying I deal drugs kinda gave it away). Then after a bit, I even get a word from Ashmanaiel in linkshell. He said.

“oh wow mai, you have no sense of humor at all”

LOL, I was like literally crying when I saw that… someone fell for it completely :) ROFL… I was about to fall off my chair :) It was one damn good revenge :) They all know it now so that’s why I can post about it but rofl :) To be honest… I think I’ve got quite a lot of humor… why would they think I can ever do ONE HUNDRED DKP MINUS to them? :o

I could have also saved it for April 1st, but then its too obvious… plus I suck in April Fools joke >.>

Anyway :) New Plushies for presents too :) Now I’ve got a big daddy moogle and a small taru moogle :) I love moogles, starring at the plushies makes you happy and calms you down because they are all smiling :) Should get one ^^;

Btw :) Publishing with WordPress 2.5 ^^; Pretty nice and smooth.

3 Responses to “Mai Birthday = You 100DKP MINUS!”

  1. Pyra says:

    Yay Rock Salt day! We used to get a group of people together and randomly RS someone. Good times.

    And yes, WP2.5 is fantastic. Finally, the post scheduler works right and takes into account that your personal time zone may not be the same as the server everything is hosted on.

    Oh, and happy birthday.

  2. Ashmanaiel says:

    You know, that was said in jest, i was laughing as i Typed it. The funny part is, that you didn’t even put -100 on my name lol. Or any other sacks for that matter.

  3. Etain says:

    Happy belated birfday! :o


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