Shit Happens… (WoW & FFXI)

the StarOnion Brigade, Salvage, 1sec, Drop

Winning a Salvage Boss with 1sec Left!

Kirin Wipe =_=

Here’s just some of the screenshot that I’d like to share! The fact that shit happens!

Although I don’t have SS about the specific situation I’m talkin below, but yesterday was one of the most disasterous Kirin that I’ve ever had in my life… we WIPED to a classic-style Kirin :/ Genbu popped, then Seiryu.. and for some reason there was no bind, so it was raping everyone in sight. People started dying and Suzaku popped… I disbanded from my kiting party and help kite Suzaku.. I was doing good… Seiryu finally died (with like 2 person left), and Byakko popped. So an alliance of 22 people completely wiped :3 Yuukino and I sack our Exp to extend the timer of Kirin while everyone raised up.

When we were ready (My Exp went from 30k to 19.8k/44k lol…), we engaged Byakko first and.. that thing died in 30sec. This is like a perfect example of… us underestimating our enemies. Everyone think they can chill but hay.. we caused a mess…

Of course shit happens in Salvage too. Screenshot to the right, self explainatory!

Maiev, WoW, Shit Happens, Karazhan

Shit Happens @ Prince (WoW)

Other disasterous wipes

Shit can happen anywhere… and here’s the 2 other good screenshot. Getting ported out right after we kill Salvage bosses blows! Also, wiping to Prince Malchezaar after having totems not drop on us for 99% just blows.

Its kinda like life too. Shit happens but the difference is how you deal with it :) But one thing which I think is important is… to calm down. You cannot think rationally when you are being pressured and full of anger. I’m still not good at it but trying to be :3. Its rough but it comes with experience… applies to RL too.

Anyway… thank god we’ve been able to survive these bad incidents :3 at the cost of Mai Exp bar :( lol! O well, better than re-farming for pops.

4 Responses to “Shit Happens… (WoW & FFXI)”

  1. Sakurakun says:

    i dont remember that LBC run where i said “Bastard” lol… i guess it’s becaused i died over there and was RRing

  2. Jowah says:

    D: KIlling boss at last second sucks!
    It happened to me a couple of times >.<;

    Hope no one *really* needed those 25s.. (i mean, people holding some 35 D:


  3. Jackalman says:

    I wasn’t at that Salvage run, but I remember it. The pieces wouldn’t have completed anything, but were both needed for a priority slot. This was months ago, though, and the people who were supposed to get those drops have gotten them since (and at least the Skadi was completed).

  4. cinnabun says:

    :O LBC…

    That’s terrible, but great effort nonetheless. Good job o_o-b


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