Latest Kirin Zerg!

Duckies’ Kirin Zerg

Duckies’ Kirin Zerg

Its been quite awhile since we’ve done a Kirin Zerg.. so here it is… Our setup is getting crappier and crappier :D Before we’d have 2 Kclubs and 2 Relics, now we only have 1 kClub and no relics… We have more Kclub available than … Dark Knights lol…

Most of us are just Auction-House Samurai’s :3 aren’t really equipped with King Abj’s :x

I kinda did shit damage xD That’s for sure… so yea.. even with Auction House Samurai like me :D we were able to kill it hehe :) That’s what it really matters :)

Anyway.. here’s our Kirin Zerg :)

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  1. Ashmanaiel says:

    What’s really interesting is the fact that with 1 kc drk, 1 rune chopper drk, and a bunch of sams, we managed to do it in 77 seconds, which broke our record of 78 seconds with 2x kc drk.

    While most of us don’t have king abj or anything like that, we aren’t really AH sams, esp you mai.


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