Dyluck cracked my April Fools!

Maiev, Nashira, Rendering, Female Taru F5B

TaruNaja back on Fenrir :)

Hello April Fools ‘.’

I had quite a bit of laugh yesterday :) Not too bad of an April Fool joke. Although I could have refined it better, but thinking I’ve since I’ve just thrown a prank at my linkshell… I was like thinking.. lets cut them some slack. I could have done it flawless… but then leaving some trace makes it fun.. continue reading :D

Also… I’d like to be a linkshell leader which is fun to be around too… not just about -serious business- xD. This was fun :) since there was a bit of flaws… but hay, it encouraged discussion and research :) It brought some fun to everyone.

Sorry to those that kinda got excited on Midgard about me transferring over :3 or sent me tells ._. apparently its just a joke :3

Anyway, before we continue, Mai ducks actually went to RESEARCH the accuracy of my Info. Some try to like even FFXIAH the people in the screenshot (yes, I purposely didn’t link it to my FFXIAH because I know people would check that first). Some even created a mule on Midgard to check me .. but someone actually took the time and look at -every detail- Here’s copypasta of what they wrote.

Fact: Maiev has control of a clothcraft mule named Maiev who has one time been on another server (not fenrir). He made several HQ goods on another server under the name Maiev, and these signed HQ goods have found their way back to fenrir somehow. Check Tazo and you will find an Aristocrat’s coat signed by your favorite mischievious taru! (Extremely good observation ^^)

Suppose: The Maiev that claims to have transferred to Midgard has actually been there for quite a while now! Let’s go even further and assume he is our Maiev’s secret cross-server clothcrafting mule! OH THE EXCITEMENT!

1) The screenshot shows a character with 60 max inventory. The real maiev would have 70, the current max, because I know Maiev loves to equip swap as much as possible (reads my blog too much…)

Maiev, Midgardsormr, Fenrir

A member of DuckHUNT Created a mule to verify!

2) If this is the real Maiev, then his clothcrafting skill is capped at 60 because of 100 goldsmithing. Note in the screenshot where crafting is occuring he is not wearing magnifying shades but he is using support of some kind (let’s suppose it is clothcraft) so he has a max of 63. That is still 7 under the lvl for vermillion cloak (which is 70). A real HQ would be a 1/100 chance of occuring if the synth was successful. But with 7 levels under cap he would have a 60% chance of failing the synth right off the bat…So ask yourself did he really craft that royal cloak? Secondly, ffxiah does not show Maiev buying damascene cloth recently on either fenrir or midgard server…where did this supply of cloth come from? Can Maiev magically make damacloths appear out of thin air? Did he solo camp and claim KA shortly after switching servers? Does he just have 30 spare dama cloths laying around in his mogsafe as blankets for moogle? (Mai’s Comment: YES OF COURSE DUHHH) No, my friends! The answer is this cloak was crafted by this mischievious imposter mule from Midgard also named Maiev some time before yesterday! Shocked, aren’t you?!

3) Why the galateia in your inventory if your clothcraft skill is 60? The lowest lvl synth that uses galateia is lvl96…I’m sure someone with 100 clothcraft, say a mule, could process that galateia, but a player with lvl60 CC surely would have no use for it!!! But I’m sure you had no intention of using it for a synth right? You got it from some ENM, ya… after server switching you got bored and then spent an hour walking up Ulegurand range for the ENM item and then waited another hour for the ice to open up, after which you soloed Brothers ENM and got the galatiea drop. Yes, I’m sure that’s what the galateia was doing in your inventory (Nice analogy)

4) You are my FFXI buddy which means I will track you down like a dog whenever I need your help. I am looking on my buddy list right now and it lists Maiev as offline? If the real Maiev is offline, then who is this Maiev that is also online on Midgard! How do you pull such disappearing stunts? The Maiev online in Midgard right now must be some other imposter? He is up to no good! The evidence is insurmountable! Give up Maiev I have cracked your code!!!!!!! (LOL >.>)

The above article was written by Dyluck.

Maiev’s Explanation

The Maiev on Midgard is owned by me :) I was bored like almost a year ago, so I transferred a friend’s account (who quit and don’t care) to Midgard. I was going to write about it, but thought I’d save it for April Fools :)

Also, Tazo <3 Maiev's signed equipment. So now everything on Tazo is -completely- signed by Maiev except probably the shoes (which is leather). Lets see.. Signed Shekih Seraweels, Jester Cape, Errant Cape, Aristocrat's Coat, Blessed Briault +1, Royal Cloak, Blessed Trousers +1 and also Mahatma Hpl. :) All [Maiev] :) Tazo treated me dinner for it IRL :) Maiev on Midgard is a get away, and also something to play when I am not at home or where connection isn't secure. Plus its kinda convenient to completely dedicate a character to crafting. That way, I don't have to change equipment out etc :)

the StarOnion, 700 Unique Hits

Almost 700 came to read the April Fool… lol!

Hints that I left behind

Well first of all, if I transfer server, since I hold the Master Linkshell of DuckHUNT, when I move, everyone’s linkshell would have been broken =P I thought that was obvious but no one pointed it out.

Secondly, the 60/60 that Dyluck mention for. I was also well aware of it but its going to take too much time to photoshop the number in there… so I just left it as is.

Third… I originally had another SS… of like 5-6 vermillion cloak :3 but I didn’t want to give away my trade secrets so I… rather use the one I have some random cloth :)

Regardless, I’ll be posting about Maiev II now :) or MaiCloth now that I’ve revealed my secret business model :) Oh… one more thing… I hope everyone enjoyed it :) Got like higher visits than usual so I am pretty sure it was some epic posts. “Darn, where was Google Ad-Words when I needed it!”

BTW: Those that fell for the joke… tends to be girls… ‘.’ And also.. I love ducks too much to do these kinda things..I mean these people are “mailing” me cookies, cards, or even bombs… Bubian even treated me dinner while he kinda get drunk with beer… its just… no way on Earth I leave the server… its not really the “Fenrir” server, is who you play with :) They all have real-life attachment to me now ‘.’ Not “Virtual” friends :3

Another thing.. the post was meant to auto publish @ 3am.. but somehow when it was published, the time stamp of “when the post was created” was used =_= when I explicitly say “Use this timestamp” :x o well haha!

PS: Enjoy the Blizzard version too. New Hero Class (Job) – Bard!

6 Responses to “Dyluck cracked my April Fools!”

  1. Zimph says:

    I can’t help but take large offense from your recent posts. Though, isn’t it ironic that your little cloth mule might quite possibly be the person who tore us apart? :)

  2. Bubian says:

    lol I was lmao irl reading the posts and everyone’s detective work :) You had some ppl convinced for sure XD btw I didnt kinda got drunk, I got smashed lol. We even came back there way later on in the evening and had more!

  3. Aramina says:

    Glad was just a joke. Would have shocked me if it were real. The reason you’ll stay Fenrir is same reason I’ll stay Odin 99% sure.

    Too many attachments there have transcended the game, too many friends IRL now that I met on Hydra and Odin. Don’t think I could leave my Dragons, just like you and your Duckies.

    Best wishes Mai!

  4. Shayx says:

    I’m impressed Mai :D You go way too far to pull pranks on us ;p I’ma never believe a word you say ever again! j/k j/k Good job on your prank :)

  5. Dalx says:

    I had a feeling it was april fool from last year’s april fool post you did(WoW installing april fool) but when i read the date it say march 29th (I think) so I wasnt sure if it was an april fool ._.


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