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The New Home – DuckHUNT!

What’s going on with MaiTalu Nothing too much, I finally gold-dig a Novia earring, so now its Novio and Novia! Those 2 earrings are working together nicely so far. But no, I’m not those E-body Ridill and quits type of people, I put them to good use ^^ like 4 man the Blau Dolch ENM […]

Istari’s Love along with a GuessWho Merge!

Istari’s Love along with a GuessWho Merge!

Merging Hearts The screenshot says it all… bard stalker x_x that goes to the extreme. I was afking @ Whitegate and ugh… afking unattended could be a bad thing… you’d understand why by watching the video below… btw its my 1st time wearing such girly clothes… just to spite Istari :o! but I took it […]

“GuessWho” stole the Astral Candescence ?!

That’s actually the video’s title =P But ya, my LS and I spent every hour after it was taken from Alzahbi, to retrieve it for the betterment of Fenrir’s Adventures! I’ve spent a lot of time in this video, its basically our 12 hour of adventuring packed in 10 minutes, its all shots of us […]

Guesswho LS Website, Liquido making a Return!

Gratz to JowahTalu for her 1st Lv75! Ding Ding Ding! Long lost friend – Liquido! Its back around 2004, but me/Liquido began earlier, I think we were both um.. in DFA crew (We are talking about newbie days here, and DFA stands for, Don’t Fuck Around Crew ^^)… ever since he moved to Hades, we […]

Hydra Pushdown =P but I’m not in it!

GuessWho This LS been fun for me. Everything fits into my schedule perfectly. A balance between academic and playtime ^^. Its time to really make it my home :3 So where’s MaiTalu? ‘-‘ (lol) Anyway, my LS also schedule the coolest shittiest event when I have 3 midterms! Way to go Weeber, no wonder I […]