Hydra Pushdown =P but I’m not in it!


This LS been fun for me. Everything fits into my schedule perfectly. A balance between academic and playtime ^^. Its time to really make it my home :3

GuesswhoLS, Group Picture, Tyrn, Maiev, Istari, FFXI Fenrir

So where’s MaiTalu? ‘-‘ (lol)

Anyway, my LS also schedule the coolest shittiest event when I have 3 midterms! Way to go Weeber, no wonder I must take Istari away from joo! Gratz on the kill though rofl! Its another cool accomplishment.

Killing Hydra, GuessWhoLS, Maiev Taru on Fenrir Server

Speaking of other events ‘-‘ We did some cool limbus too. Nothing too much, we just aggro the whole limbus XD!

GuessWhoLS, Limbus, Istari, FFXI Maiev of Fenrir

Unbelievable 89seac Kirin Fight!

Yar… title says it all…. just watch it on YouTube. Zomg time to lv mnk!

Kirin Zerg parser, FFXI

What’s MaiTalu doin all this time then?

Duoing for Gorgets ‘-‘ Pretty much! Yay to soil, no more zero damage savage blade for Jailers rofl w

Soil Gorget, FFXI Maiev of Fenrir


Been expanding my advertising network like usual! New walking banner lol

Nimi, Maiev's Signed Jewelery, FFXI Fenrir


I didn’t even know, both of us were born on the same day same month but a year gap :3 Both March 28 ‘-‘. A year and a half ago, the March 28 was one of Fenrir’s first “Call for Help” KB! lol! Nice way to celebrate a birthday heh ‘-‘!

Speaking of MaiTalu, I’m getting more frequent random tells like these ‘-‘ getting famous the wrong way ugh…. I’m staying off more these days ‘-‘

Maiev Fenrir, Goldsmithing, Famous, FFXI Taru

New Stuff! Music dats =P

Star Onions Music Banner

Joo peeps know StarOnion is also an album of SE’s FFXI sound tracks? :o So what’s this all about? hehe well I like sound tracks :o to the stage I personalized my music in-game ‘-‘! Sick of your mog house music yet? What about an instrumental version of the mog house music from the Star Onions sound track?

Download here. (8MB)

Very simple to get it installed. Walk out somewhere but not in the mog house (so the file is not in use).
Just drag the file in there! (I do suggest you backup/rename the original mog house file though)

Location: C:\Program Files\PlayOnline\SquareEnix\FFXI\sound\win\music\data\126.bgw

Please scan the file, the last thing I want to know is your PC got hax! I take no respnsibility what so ever ended up for using it =P

Jowah introducing me to GoogleReader!

We were randomly chatting again :3 It first began from her cosplay, then we enter into italian lessons =P and finally, tech talks! fyi, for the longest time she thought i’m a gal too lol! Anyway, she show me her google reader, I was like damn tat’s some pretty good program to consolidate all blog readings into 1, the layout’s nice too so I got my own last nite! Thanks JowahTalu!

Jowah’s GoogleReader |

Mai’s GoogleReader (I so copied that thing =P)

Interesting stuff from MaiTalu

  • 24 Season 6 Trailer! ZOMG <3 Jack Bauer! Watch it @ Fox Broadcasting.
  • The Best-est online file convertor, like literally any file types! [More details…]
  • The look of next Office 2007. [Read more…]
  • The original concept of Longhorn. Watch it at YouTube.
  • Dead pixel on your LCD? You can fix it yourself! [Read more…]
  • Another Lip-Sync by Azn’s, a better version imo. Watch it at YouTube.

8 Responses to “Hydra Pushdown =P but I’m not in it!”

  1. jtaru says:

    the star onions cd is great! aside from the jeuno track lol

  2. Jowah says:

    ahaha lol I actually like Jeuno song :D
    My fav one is Zi’tah, i “lalala” on it XD

  3. Nitsuga says:

    I’m gonna die @
    My Nerd Score
    My Stupid Score
    My Computer Savviness

    I need to shut off my computer and go out for a while…

  4. Maiev says:


    ur god!

  5. tazo says:

    You check this more religiously than email so, please remmber to bring the gadgets and gizmos to fix my laptop ; ; /bow. If you have time please install some stuff ; ; It’s an empty shell atm.

  6. Fero says:

    Sorry you missed Hydra maimai ; we’ll get em again soon!

  7. Maiev says:

    thx for inviting me! Unlike Ist and Weeber, they are meanaru!

    Weeber>> I probably shouldn’t have invited MaiTalu into LS >.>!

  8. mirith says:


    So this is the key to happiness? Home is where the heart is. Oi oi oi Oh my. I need a new LS :(


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