Guesswho LS Website, Liquido making a Return!

Gratz to JowahTalu for her 1st Lv75! Ding Ding Ding!

Long lost friend – Liquido!

Its back around 2004, but me/Liquido began earlier, I think we were both um.. in DFA crew (We are talking about newbie days here, and DFA stands for, Don’t Fuck Around Crew ^^)… ever since he moved to Hades, we pretty much lost contact until… us 2 whore-ing BG forum :) I found him and we started a chat again. Such classic screenshot, our 1st Fafnir with The Light Warriors back in April, 2004. We both have our own copy of the SS too, but his angle was better. Two and a half years later.. we are in totally different look, in totally different server, doing totally different stuff :)

Maiev and Liquido, FFXI Taru of Fenrir Server

Friendship goes beyond borders :), btw Liquido says hi :), I might as well hop in for the fun ^^; (So photoshop-ed)

Maiev and Liquido, FFXI Taru of Fenrir Server goes Live!

Welcome to ! No more lame (Is Taru? Is the Taru? but his name is Istari, how is that related to GuessWho?). I basically just forwarded it to since no one even knows guesswho owns a website due to istari’s selection of domain name…

I’ve also started a blog for my LS! Its not goin be about us killing Fafnir and getting 10 shining cloth drops, but milestone, accomplishment of members and just about any random “shoutouts” by members. I’ve made it so everyone can post, its everyone’s job to make something welcoming, personalized, and last but not least, fun ^^;.

GuessWho’s Blog! Not done yet though! (What I’ve been doing for the past few days, installing, configuring etc)

GW's Blog

I’ve also linked GuessWho’s linkshell website to my top navigation bar too ^^; Feel free to drop by.

Wow to this dude O.O

Player A obtains Ridill. Player A quits for WoW. I’m sure you heard it a lot, well now there’s another example, a person with maat’s cap and ridill quits for WoW!

Boentiful – Levi Server (with relic Katana)

+Enmity + versus -Enmity

Have you ever thought about the difference between a mage doing -enmity and a tank doing +enmity? You might think at first, that it offsets each other (meaning cancel out), but that’s not exactly the case. Lets have 3 characters. A tank and 2 mages (Tank would be call Weeber, the mages would be call Maiev and Istari respectively)

Lets also put out these assumption. Provoke = 3 enmity, Cure 4 = 4 enmity, Cure 3 = 3 Enmity.

Case 1: No one merits!

Weeber Provokes Mob, 3 enmity, Maiev and Istari Cure 4 on Weeber, 4 Enmity, 4 > 3 so Maiev and Istari would be running around crying for help!

Case 2: Istari understands he doesn’t want to die! He merits -1 enmity.

Weeber Provokes Mob , 3 enmity, Maiev and Istari Cure 4 on Weeber, since Cure 4 is 4 Enmity and Istari did 1 merit on -Enmity, that makes him only have 3 enmity, cancels out with the provoke, whereas Maiev was lazy! Therefore Maiev gets chased around because Maiev got 1 extra Enmity from the Cure 4, crying for help hoping he would save a person who might potentially take Istari away from him.
Case 3: Weeber stands up to be the man, and does +1 enmity, Maiev and Istari remains at no merit!

Weeber provokes Mob, 3 Enmity +1 from merit. Maiev and Istari Cure 4 on Weeber, 4 Enmity, cancels out so Maiev and Istari is safe!

Case 4: Weeber does +4 Enmity and both Istari and Maiev does -3 Enmity

Weeber provokes mob, 8 enmity (4+4). Maiev and Istari Cure 4 for 1 Enmity! 30 second goes by and it makes it even harder now to get hate for the mages, the gap is increasing!

I really didn’t see the difference until Mathrandir told me that I was his favorite mage because once he get a provoke in, there’s no way, or he didn’t even remember me taking hate from solo curing in parties. His +enmity and 1337 rampages and my -enmity pulled the hate fluctuations gap wider, hence making us really good in parties.

College Dorm vs Your Own Bedroom (Just how I feel about GW)

You know when you are in university and in dorm, it always felt different, you don’t want to customize it, personalize or make it your home, because it just doesn’t feel home, the room doesn’t welcome you, you are just “stuck” in it.
When you are in somewhere welcoming, such as your home, your room “invites” you to come in, you feel the warmth and personalization; you feel that this is “your place”, your own private space. Well you know what, GuessWho is like my own bedroom :o! I really feel like a home!

Mirith also found her home too! Sometimes if swapping LS doesn’t work, swapping game might do!

Windower Macro Tutorial!

Writing em! Gotta finish writing alias and format the post, then its all good to go! I hope more people start adopting Windower macro, spend less time thinking which button to press, and more time actually analyzing the surroundings and planning out your spell order.

Besides, I’m kind of sick of people resting in Dalmatica, they should have a “All in one” key, like /heal, /equip body “errant body”, /equip main “dark staff” kind of thing!

I once went shopping with this really pretty girl. She went to go try out clothes, and I was like whoa that’s a really nice dress (just a short glance), she tried it on, I was like, um… not too bad, but for me saying that, she refuse to buy it! She explained “its kind of sad to disgrace a nice dress because it doesn’t look nice on you.” Its like trying your hardest to give your galka a nice name. No matter how hard you try, they will also appear as ugly! So why waste a nice name? Someone can use the name instead! So seriously, if you own a piece of nice gear, but can’t really make it shine, please don’t say you use it. (Eg. Law nin/war wacking away his K-club in Imps party with 200 damage Jins, sigh I wonder if his brain is near his butt, therefore when he’s sitting on his chair, it prevents him from thinking)

Sorry if this post is kinda gimped, I’m busy these days so ><; hope you peeps won't mind ; ; Interesting stuff from MaiTalu:

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4 Responses to “Guesswho LS Website, Liquido making a Return!”

  1. Jowah says:

    Thank you for the gratz^^ And told you that site is quite nice. I really like it^^

    :o University rooms. I would like to go to a uni but I started to work then i think it will never happen^^
    “Advertiser manager and planner” e_e
    I don’t care leaving my home if i can bring alonge some of my personal belongings….my pc, some figures and books.
    And I don’t know how works exatly out there in canada :x

  2. mirith says:

    Damn Mai! Whenever I read your posts I get so totally sidetracked by all your wonderful info and links that I forget to post! Slap me silly next time I do it :P

    And I’m not sure about the WoW thing, but I can have two lovers at once right?! Good thing is they won’t get jealous of each other hahaha As long as I make time for both :D

    And resting in Dalmatic is to look 1337 of course XD Plus how else are ya ever gonna get that extra 50MP… rofflecopter.

  3. Maiev says:

    Its cool :3 I’m glad everyone found something they like on Mai post :3 I realize not everyone loves to read about my server’s stuff on an everyday basis :3

    Those are mostly from links that people send me that I found funny, some are from social bookmarking websites but mostly relatively cool, funny or useful :)

    anf if I was a bit younger, i’d probably WoW too, just because I have more time to spare ; but getting near academic career … i better stop playing so much :3 eg. I’m well known for AFKing at whitegate!

  4. Liquido says:

    Maiev! Wow i ran into your blog when i search for “FFXI liquido” on google lol!

    FFXI is so much memories, i miss the game.. spent so much time on it.

    Hope everything is all good for you!


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