“GuessWho” stole the Astral Candescence ?!

That’s actually the video’s title =P But ya, my LS and I spent every hour after it was taken from Alzahbi, to retrieve it for the betterment of Fenrir’s Adventures!

I’ve spent a lot of time in this video, its basically our 12 hour of adventuring packed in 10 minutes, its all shots of us getting owned or Lamia getting owned ^^; Hope you enjoyed it :D

You can download the original video here (DivX, 135mb, please right click and hit save as)

19 Responses to ““GuessWho” stole the Astral Candescence ?!”

  1. Aeyze says:

    Talu sacrafice!

    haha, that’s a really great video :D Nice one!

  2. Fero says:

    That was so much fun, hopefully they steal it again so we can go retrieve it!

  3. [..YouTube..] I’ve organized a couple of AC rescue partys on Odin. Lots of people sit and complain when it’s gone but only a few step up to help. Nice vid btw. :)

  4. Jowah says:

    Can’t see movies from work (for obvious reasons) and can’t do it either from home due my dead connection t.t


  5. Maiev says:

    You’ve got to watch it, I’ve had a lot of dead tarus in that vids!
    Glad ppl like it so far!

  6. [..YouTube..] 5 stars, nice work retrieving the Astral Candescence from those lamia bitches. Tarutaru ftw!

    Gerry – Quetzalcoatl server

  7. [..YouTube..] I’ve always wondered what exactly happens when the AC is taken, now i know :D nice vid ^^

    Youshi- Siren server

  8. gameking55 says:

    [..YouTube..] I KNOW that song is from kingdom hearts in the beggining and end..but I dont know the name…can anyone tell me? T_T

  9. Majeev says:

    [..YouTube..] Always On My Mind - Kingdom Hearts OST Disk 2
    I believe the last song I used was a section of the Kingdom Hearts theme song :)

    Hope that helps XD

  10. [..YouTube..] Well, I thought it was the boss fight theme remade from the FF VII Jenova fight. Never played Kingdom Hearts though.

  11. Utsesumi says:

    [..YouTube..] the song in the middle is Jenova theme from FFAC soundtrack ^_^ nice job :) Taru-Taru FTW Evilryu Diabolos server

  12. Daioo says:

    [..YouTube..] Tarutaru Power

  13. bda42 says:

    [..YouTube..] You losers need to try living a life outside of these video games.. Come on.. you put It on youtube??

  14. [..YouTube..] FFXI is a community of friends, of course we want to show things we achieved on FFXI to everyone. The AC recovery happens to be one of the hardest things on FFXI, so to have shown a recovery of the AC from such hard mobs is a great accomplishment and looks cool as well, so before you call us losers, Try looking at it from our PoV, or else You’ll just end up embarrassing yourself for a failed attempt at calling people with cool accomplishments losers. U r a loser for the failed insult. OWNED!

  15. svttop09 says:

    [..YouTube..] What does the AC do? o.O <--- 55 blu

  16. Majeev says:

    [..YouTube..] AC is Astral Candences, normally you don’t get access to that room unless Besiege killed all 5 Generals. When that thing is stolen (hence no one on your server was defending), everyone’s sanctions duration goes down to 2 hours, all runic portals are disabled and… ur pretty much fuged for awhile :)

  17. [..YouTube..] lmao poor istari XD. thats cool when you slowmo te deaths lolol

  18. erboz says:

    [..YouTube..] ill kick ur ass & i dont even play this game…fucking hater


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