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What’s going on with MaiTalu

Novia Earring, Novio Earring, Maiev Red Mage, FFXI Taru of Fenrir Server

Nothing too much, I finally gold-dig a Novia earring, so now its Novio and Novia! Those 2 earrings are working together nicely so far. But no, I’m not those E-body Ridill and quits type of people, I put them to good use ^^ like 4 man the Blau Dolch ENM (12 recommended) ^.^, kind of messy but at least we won on 1st try. We’ve also cleared the NW Limbus with 4 people 3 people because Istari is useless. Kill both Fafnir and King Behemoth though! I’ll have a vid someday, but fraps it didn’t pop in my mind somehow e_e (<--Jowah‘s thing) But for one thing, Ventrilo-Powered setups makes everything more efficient and better :)

Speaking of Ventrilo, Istari upgraded it to a 25man HQ Vent (<-- This link is "who is on DuckHUNT's vent atm") So feel free to pop on and sing! You can ask any DuckHUNT's member for the info. ^.^ Btw! December 01! Holidays near the corner, am I going to see some nice gifts in my Dbox? :) See “o” Pee

“Do CoP before the cop runs after you!” – Zimph

I remember having that LS message on Omen for like 2 months… got so tired of it myself too… and I’m doing CoP AGAIN for the 4th time.. well Ist’s doing it for the 8th time so o well, stop bitching I suppose.. Did Diabolo, Ouryu on Sunday, then did Sacrarium and Promy Vazhl on Monday! We are going on a rampage!

Istari, Maiev, Nimi, CoP Mission, Tazo Dead, FFXI Taru of Fenrir Server

Had to 2box Mai/Tazo up Vazhl and play Tazo for BC, not shibby. At first we were going to do a dry run, but amazing MaiTalu play bard so well *lol*, the dry run ended up being the real run, and we won without 2hrs and other crap! You can watch the BC fight if you got time to spare :)

Speaking of Zimph… wtf is he doin on his mnk? Doing See “o” Pee too? :o

Maiev, Zimph, Tazo, FFXI Taru of DuckHUNT Server

DuckHUNT dot Canadian! (

My new LS, merging Ogazn and GuessWho :O! Although I created / possess the master pearl, but I don’t use it =P. I don’t need it. Power comes responsibility, and I am not ready to take up the responsibility so I rather be a pearl / member :)

The Creation of DuckHUNT Linkshell, Maiev, FFXI Taru of Fenrir Server

But ya, people are so demanding, it took me 6 tries to get the color right… so ya, paid 50k for this pearl, YOU better like it! SERIOUSLY, its just tiny adjustment, and they force me to throw 8k away :( for 6 times ; ;

As for website! Ya, got one running on (Canadian Duck Hunts!), I have reserved, hope some nicca’s not goin take it! Been busy installing forums, configuring it, writing the rules, content etc, soooo tiring zomg ; ;, afterall I just want a working LS :)

Side Note: phpBB forum is the most non-user friendly shit on Earth, holy smoke, even adding “mods” to help me out is like super annoying, manually edit codes is like something you do 10 years ago, they gotta learn wut is “plugins” x_x

Stop whoring on gear / “my” FFXIAH

An entry on Ashiya’s blog says… Shidokai stole Saykura’s gear and sold it for his own benefit.. W T F ?

Saykura might not have done her part in securing her account… but.. Stealing it AND selling it? I think that’s way too much… Fenrir got some messed up ppl, beware ‘-‘

Also, stop logging onto my FFXIAH account, I know my PW was easy to guess… but shouldn’t really abuse it, I won’t look into it but just don’t do it again. FFXIAH can trace so lets keep it to my own!

EXTremely Bad

Ext aggros some mob… tries to be cool and solos them… nuke as hard as he can, out of mp, chainspell warp. LOL RDM :) Seriously, nicca needs to learn how to convert PROPERLY!

Ext Convert, Dead, Fenrir's Stupid JP, FFXI Taru of Fenrir Server

Converting in blood mask, AF body, Ext-signed Wise pants and shoes +1 doesn’t really help survival, the correct convert gear does ^.^

Speaking of Ext, this is QuickShot’s Website (Donasan’s Website).

Aqualtis Ads

Its the best ads, takes a minute to watch! I wouldn’t direct link YouTube if it wasn’t really good ^.^

9 Responses to “The New Home – DuckHUNT!”

  1. Alexanderz says:

    Clearing NW with 4 people ??? hmm interesting .. couldn’t believe it .. killing a KB with one or two DDs will take a very long time to do that -.-;

  2. Jowah says:

    *sees wamouras’ screens and starts screaming*
    OMG that’s something i see often while meriting XD
    Gratz to that RDM XD

    (Mai, you nominate me in almost every post, you love meeeeeh :***)
    (And i love you xD)

  3. Maiev says:

    Reply to Alexanderz:

    ya making the vid ;) Kay Bee is easy by itself.. dot to death if u hav 30min, well u can also nuke a bit… but fafnir, fast and nice :), and drops 8 coins :)

    Reply to Jowah:

    I love joo more! and yes Jowah, Im about to digg you everyday lol XD

  4. Mikedee says:

    Ouch @ Saykura, even though I don’t talk to her anymore, that really, REALLY sucks.

    /changes pwd (Poor Furen will never steal my LL boots now ;3)

    How did the greatest RDM ever not able to solo that?! Lies I say, dirty dirty lies!

  5. Saykura says:

    Maiev, the snow ring he sold was signed by you :( If I ever get gil again, would you mind making/signing me a new one?

  6. Tazo says:

    I’m in class right now, and we’re covering a unit on how to teach SexEd to teenagers (STD-unit), so I think this analogy is applicable to the “Saykura Case”. You wouldn’t just have sex with just anyone, correct? Unless you were into that business or a whore. (I define prostitution and excess-promiscuous behaviour differently.) It’s even in the subway ad’s in Toronto – “There’s a new virus going around, use LifeStyles anti-virus.” If you have unprotected sexual activity, you have a higher likelihood to catch a sexually transmitted disease. You have to be careful of who your partners are and where they have been, so I guess in Saykura’s unfortunate case, Shidokai had AIDs.

    Don’t share important things such as account info, your body, etc. with people you can’t trust. ^^v

    /sigh back to paying attention to this l-o-l class.

  7. Maiev says:

    Reply to Mikedee:

    Video coming up :) I knew no one would believe me ; ; sad but true.

    Reply to Tazo:

    I hope you don’t have AIDs… Tazo goes emo on my account, /em dies.

  8. Reiginsei says:

    Damnitt! Maiev your gear so pimp im jealous ; ;

  9. Finaldeath says:

    Hey all thinking about jumping on again been few years think 09′ give the game one more run. if anyone else like to join.


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