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DuckHUNT being an ASS!

Ya… we just did. So Ducks were popping Rosturm Pumps. We finished and saw a BST fighting Citipati. Sibe was bored and voked when it was unclaimed. So JP BST Makibao was like “why”. Anyhow, we raped it. We invited him to lot the slops. He lotted a 775. So we were like.. lets pass […]

/lsKick Emos

Finally an Onion post! Its been awhile I’ve done any blogging. I lost my habit somehow. But since Farkee wanted me to.. so I did! Well the reason I haven’t been blogging is mostly due to a busy school schedule! Stuff are near the end so lots and lots of stuff to do / hand […]

Lv70 SAM and Parrying it to Lv75!

Going slowly… I know I can do it! Leveling Parrying is like leveling Goldsmithing. It might seem impossible, but its so cool to see it rising little by little! Baby steps! Since 62 (when I have parrying uncapped), I never partied again. I mean some people might argue sure, get 75 first then level it, […]

78sec Kirin by DuckHUNT

Kirin Getting better and better! Last time was roughly 150 seconds, now its cut by half! Its amazing what merits can do ‘-‘. Allow people to kill Kirin in a totally different aspect. Below is one of the Kirin vids I did 2 years ago :3 Weird Ducks On the other hand… ducks’ pretty weird […]

[Video] DuckHUNT 1st Zerging Kirin!

Zerging… Well not exactly, but 22 duckies versus Kirin :) Very smooth hehehe! I’d put so much pressure in this fight, so much crap, forces ducks to read the forum… I felt bad :( But in the end it all worked out very well :) When we pop our 1st Kirin, I felt bad :( […]