DuckHUNT being an ASS!

Ya… we just did. So Ducks were popping Rosturm Pumps. We finished and saw a BST fighting Citipati. Sibe was bored and voked when it was unclaimed. So JP BST Makibao was like “why”. Anyhow, we raped it. We invited him to lot the slops. He lotted a 775. So we were like.. lets pass the slops and go home. Since Neo was the only person who haven’ passed, our BLM starts D2ing Neo while he LOTTED the slops with a 850 AND got D2ed…. so Neo pretty much ninja-ed the slops…

JP BST was so confused rofl… then we were like, ok lets get out, and Tazo finishes by teleporting him out of Attohwa Chasm… LOL

Damn, if this was planned, it would have been alright, but was all random. Everyone was laughong on vent rofl!

Comedy here!

End of being an ass report!

6 Responses to “DuckHUNT being an ASS!”

  1. Jowah says:

    Tazo @Sealon’s Den.
    BAD Memories.

  2. Etain says:

    That’s pretty messed up. :

  3. Frohike says:

    Pardon my french, but that’s extremely shitty behavior.

  4. raidenn says:

    This “neo” person, he has a pencil moustache and always rubs his hands doesnt he?

  5. Maiev says:

    hahahhaha maybe ;)

  6. tazo says:

    Sealon’s den? What did I do? oO


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