[Video] DuckHUNT 1st Zerging Kirin!


Well not exactly, but 22 duckies versus Kirin :) Very smooth hehehe! I’d put so much pressure in this fight, so much crap, forces ducks to read the forum… I felt bad :( But in the end it all worked out very well :)

When we pop our 1st Kirin, I felt bad :( because we had audience (SpiritusSancti Linkshell) and we raped it in 2 minutes. It was SS’s 1st Kirin so since we need to wait for our 2hr, we helped their LS kill off the adds, well zerg the adds :) Their Kirin was some pretty nice drop. Osode, 2x D Body, Cloth

1st zerg… ran-out-of-disk-space kthx T.T, it dropped N.Body and Shining Cloth… was 90 seconds

2nd zerg was recorded :) dropped D.body and O.Ingot ^^;… was around 120 seconds…

Honestly… I don’t think Ebody Ridill is really needed for this fight. Any normal linkshell should be able to pull this off… OH YEA!! It was Vladant’s 1st Kirin, since we zerged both, I don’t think he knows wtf Gods is… TOO SPOILED!


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  1. wyred says:


    can you share your setup/strat? no. of people?
    email me or something :)

  2. Maiev says:

    Reply to wyred:

    haha was nothing special if you been following on bluegartr.

    as you see from parser/video, we sang 2 accuracy songs. We figure its better to hit 2 times for 50 damage than 1 time for 100, because you get TP faster :) “at least you can weapon skill”, pop poison pots since kirin can sleepga (u can see me yelling in the vids), and everyone 2hr balls to the walls

    our party setup was pretty conventional. 1 bard for each party, 1 competent healer (good in healing under pressure), and 4 DD (mnk, or wars, or drks)

    we had 22 people. 11 DD, 1 pld, 3 bard 3 whm in alliance, and 4 outside healers.

    2hr disco ball, sing songs, pop poison and all out. Just tell your members that XD so much for the meriting and e-peening, this is the time to show them off by out-damaging each other :) it pushes themselves to the limit too XD

  3. Maiev says:

    ohhh forgot to mention :) within the 11DD, we do have 2 kraken lolDrks. It was Vladant’s 1st Kirin so his damage was significantly lower. He was skilling up his club skills on Kirin x_x

    Like Rukenshin said for developing strats

    In reality when you’re developing a strategy for something like this you would be better off assuming it could happen and preparing it, rather than hoping it won’t and getting caught unprepared.

    Better off to play safe and everyone hitting kirin (acc song), than getting caught missing hits on Kirin, thus unable to do damage.
    The thread about zerging is here.

  4. Trey says:

    Nice Video Mai and grats on the zerged Kirin.

  5. mirith says:

    Wow I hope that Kraken was borrowed -.- Imagine that! Owning a K Club and not having club skilled up~ Shame!

    Looks like a lot of fun, congrats!

  6. Weeber says:

    Vlads club skill was capped fool! He was only significantly lower the first fight because of a crushing blow to the face at 40%. If some lazy Galka had parsed the 2nd fight he would have been on par.

  7. jtaru says:

    kekekeke zerg rush

  8. Maiev says:

    lol ^_________________^
    I actually like zerg :O for tat reason, outnumber people :D
    but i hate siege tank >.> and there’s hardly any good air units from the scourge tat takes em out.. mutalisk suck :< so best chioce is probably the guardian :3

  9. Sum says:

    GoGo SC. Let’s Play MAI

  10. Jowah says:

    Mai , thank you. Everything is fine now, and sorry for my invisib-ness, emoness and everything happened. You helped me alot, really. You said right things.

    I wish you an happy Valentine’s day with your Istariā™„ (lol)
    Go with him in purgonorgo! Take the love boat!

  11. wyred says:

    Ah, kraken DRKs again >_

  12. wyred says:

    orz, remaining comment got eaten up!


    Thanks to SE making Kraken Club dropping from BC, lots of end-game HNMs have been taken down within less than a minute with kraken DRKs. lol

    What’s your PLD’s gear like? I guess your 4 outside healers spam heal on him? And lastly, how did you guys deal with kirin’s stonegas?

    Thanks XD

  13. Verrick says:

    Nice video. Always entertaining to read your blog!

  14. Maiev says:

    Reply to wyred:

    Actually the 2 Kclub was already in our possession before the update. One of them is mines and :3 I pretty much earned it through Goldsmithing :)

    Our PLD is a purple PLD :O nothing spaticular :o

    & thx for everyone whos droppin by :D

  15. raidenn says:

    Aww I love your banner…

  16. Maiev says:

    heheh thx for droppin by =P


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