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Way Overdue!

ok, so i haven’t posted in a realllllllly long time… but i’m not really all that interesting so it’s ok right? :D So first of all i got drk to 75! Some friend made a meripo and let me come and get my level with them! It’s such a fun job and i really love […]

Parties and Weddings and NM’s, Oh My!

Is it right if it feels more like work then fun to sign in some days? should you be sitting at your computer staring at the launcher icon with dread in your stomach? you just know that something bad is going to happen at some point during the day… i’m a really indecisive person by […]

Merits Merits Merits

This will just be a short little post on all the merits i would need if i were going to really call myself ‘done’ with merits. for all categories and/or jobs. merits are a pretty daunting task for someone with as many jobs as me, and every time that i level something new i find […]

RDM AF2 Sexyness!

*drumroll* it dropped!! i love my rdm body! fast cast is so fast!! i’ve been running around on rdm pretty much all the time since i got this last wednesday and i love it!! you even cast teleports really fast… as i learned the hard way >< so this update is going to have lots […]

LFG on Drk…

The best time to make blog updates seems to be when i’m lfg on drk…. at least then i don’t have to worry about being interrupted.. loldrk so lets see where to start… i gave ely a little makeover, she looks like this now! there’s clipping problems with the hair though, noticeable mostly with the […]