Parties and Weddings and NM’s, Oh My!

Is it right if it feels more like work then fun to sign in some days? should you be sitting at your computer staring at the launcher icon with dread in your stomach? you just know that something bad is going to happen at some point during the day…

i’m a really indecisive person by nature, often unable to choose between things or saying something and then changing my mind. my emotions always seem to be right under the surface as well, and i have a hard time controlling them, getting angry or upset easily and without much provocation. but sometimes i just don’t understand other people. i don’t understand what makes people want to be mean. why do some people think its alright to be rude or inconsiderate or mean to other people? shouldn’t you care more about others feelings? even if it is only a game. i feel like i’m always giving people the benefit of the doubt. i feel like i’m constantly making excuses for people that only prove they don’t appreciate it. but i can’t stop myself. its the curse of my insecurity, or maybe its some sort of learned behavior that no matter how mean someone is to me, i feel guilty getting angry at them.

maybe leveling drk is just making me emo. or it would be, if i could level it. i’m spending so much time lfg lately. i’ve been leveling in campaign as well, but the problem with that is that my scythe comes uncapped and doesn’t skill. so i need at least some regular parties to keep it capped before i can use campaign for xp. my other problem with campaign is that if i have my flag up, i feel like i’ll be less likely to get an invite, i mean, if someone sees a dd in whitegate with their flag up, they’ll most likely ask them before someone that’s all the way in the past. the few xp parties i have managed to get lately have been nothing short of a total failure. slow xp, bad set ups, all kinds of problems. another thing that kills me is job bigotry (for lack of a better word). i mean, i’m not a poorly geared drk. at least i don’t think so, and yet i had a party the other day with a war, who was a full af war except for her assault jerkin dual wielding a low level axe and a sword, and i guarantee she’ll see 75 long before i do because people will always invite a war first. unfair unfair…. halfway to 70 now… not that much further at least!

Melee Summoner, FFXI Fenrir Elysia

So i have some in game friends, who had an in game wedding a little while ago! i skipped limbus to go and see it, because in 2 years of playing i’d never been to a wedding, and didn’t know if i’d ever get another chance to see one! it was a really cute event, but sort of funny, there was alot of waiting before hand for the actual ‘ceremony’ which turned out to be quite short in comparison! there was alot of rules, walking to where the wedding was held, no emotes allowed but it was really nice and i was glad that i had gone to see it. hope they weren’t too mad that i didn’t bring a wedding present! :p

Jingex Ravynne Wedding, FFXI Fenrir

Jingex, Ravynne, Wedding FFXI

Jingex Ravynne, FFXI Fenrir

Lately i’ve been forcing my company on HK (jk!) always looking for things that we can do we’ve mostly been on af quests and nm hunting expeditions! unfortunately the nms haven’t exactly been generous to us, but if you want to know a secret, i kind of just enjoy running around and fighting them, it’s a fun break to just goof off before events start, not being in town relentlessly looking for party, its like a little vaction ^^ the af quests are mostly to try and clear up some of hk’s overly clogged inventory problems which i’m always hassling him about XD

Hellknight Elysia, FFXI Fenrir

Elysia Hellknight, FFXI Fenrir

Sozo Sarberry, Hellknight Elysia FFXI Fenrir

speaking of hk… he finally got his ares body! <3

Ares Body, Hellknight, FFXI Fenrir Elysia

we’ve been doing the hagun enm trying to get muni his gkt! we’re willing to give it him when it drops, since he’s willing in all the runs we do where it doesn’t drop, to forgo a cut in whatever does drop. so far we’ve had a disastrous first attempt in which we managed to pop three of the antlions at once and they proceeded to chew our faces off. the second and third times were easy wins, but no hagun unfortunately ; ; the worst part of that whole enm is just the trek up the mountain…

Thenick and Elysia, FFXI Fenrir

Oh! and i gave up on goldsmithing, i had a moment of realization, wherein i remembered that i am really cheap and would probably never fork out the gil needed to take this craft to 100, with the exception of winning the grand prize in the mog lottery. so i took up bonecrafting instead… at least for this craft all i have to do is go farm up the mats, although now i can never decide if i should lfg, or farm..

i’ve managed to pick up some new things since the last time i posted as well!

for drk and/or thf:

Perdu Sickle, FFXI

Hetatomb Harness, FFXI

Homam Gambieras

and for smn:

Summoner's Horn

that leaves me just the body to lot to go 5/5 on smn, at which point i guess i’ll jump back in line for thf hands which still have never dropped. i defenitely don’t regret changing my lot, if the smn body drops before the thf hands, i will have completed two sets of af before i would have finished one, if i’d stayed on thf.

i’ve completed a few more assaults, leaving me only eight away from captain, although i don’t expect those to get finished too quickly, since they’re almost all the tier 9 or 10 but i still feel good being so close.

as a last note, i think its important to know, dear reader, that my th is so awesome it works even when i’m not on thf!
Elysia Killshot on Kirin, FFXI

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