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Shit Happens… (WoW & FFXI)

Winning a Salvage Boss with 1sec Left! Kirin Wipe =_= Here’s just some of the screenshot that I’d like to share! The fact that shit happens! Although I don’t have SS about the specific situation I’m talkin below, but yesterday was one of the most disasterous Kirin that I’ve ever had in my life… we […]

Video Watch: Ugly Goblin’s Christmas

Kryll is a lonely goblin, holed up in a mountain where no one will bother him, or so he thinks. When the children of the village decide to harass him, he sets a plan in motion that will shock and destroy the townsfolk. However, the Christmas spirit finally takes hold of him from a touchy […]

Video Watch: Jimmy’s WoW Story.

Its pretty damn funny. But here’s what really happened. You know how we have to pick our Alliance when we begin playing FFXI? Like Windy, Bastok or Sandy? Well in WoW not only you have to pick between Horde or Alliance, but Aldor or Scryer (Windy or Bastok). Aldor (Bastok) rewards the Rajas Ring and […]

Video Watch: The Guild Christmas Carol (Humor)

Its pretty hilarious, you have to watch! The Guild’s Christmas Carol A bit of explanation (for those that don’t play WoW) Link the loot, link the loot, hope it drops my helm. (Link the loot is like.. announcing what’s dropped) The last epic drop, was POS for me (Piece of Shit). QQ More (QQ = […]

Why I play a Female Taru/Blood Elves! (Humor)

What do you think? LOL! *good laugh for sure* xD