Video Watch: Ugly Goblin’s Christmas

Kryll is a lonely goblin, holed up in a mountain where no one will bother him, or so he thinks. When the children of the village decide to harass him, he sets a plan in motion that will shock and destroy the townsfolk. However, the Christmas spirit finally takes hold of him from a touchy note and he only has a few precious moments to save the town. Will he be able to do it? Will it end up dead babies all around the town?

Amazing graphics too, feels like a Pixar movie! Its really really good, you won’t be disappointed.

Ugly Goblin’s Christmas

Big Bad Green Christmas

Not as good as the above one IMO, but still kinda worth a laugh :D Its about an Orc Hunter trying to hunt down Santa xD

Songs for Dogs

This one consists of 2 boys singing Christmas Carol – WoW version :D Its pretty cool ^^

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