Video Watch: The Guild Christmas Carol (Humor)

Its pretty hilarious, you have to watch!

The Guild’s Christmas Carol

A bit of explanation (for those that don’t play WoW)

  • Link the loot, link the loot, hope it drops my helm. (Link the loot is like.. announcing what’s dropped)
  • The last epic drop, was POS for me (Piece of Shit).
  • QQ More (QQ = Cry, since the Q looks like an eye with tears, so basically means cry/complain)
  • and PUG with some random elf… (PUG = Pickup Parties in FFXI)

I like the line, QQ more, you loot whore! Tink why are you such a biatch! xD Anyway…

Backstage stuff (pretty lol stuff xD)

Crazy Gamer
3 F-word/sec – This halo Gamer Lost his mind! Its kinda offensive so I didn’t want to directly put it here, but you can find it in Google Video.

2 Responses to “Video Watch: The Guild Christmas Carol (Humor)”

  1. Calaera says:

    LOL That’s awesome. :3

  2. Maiev says:

    Not FFXI related but I thought it was awesome (from Istari).


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