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Salvage and RL Moving!

I was also going to post it on Lagsave – my Salvage linkshell but… Etain’s “Taking a break” post got freaking derailed into the biggest shitstorm. Picture shit hits the fan… so… I’m just going to post it on blog and.. if you read it… you’d probably care/know about me anyway. My “Old” FFXI Area! […]

Mai Sony Vaio TZ + Reinstall FFXI Tips!

Mai New Vaio TZ! Sony Vaio TZ91! Arrived, played with it for a few days already, it blew me away! Its very tiny, even smaller than a Mandragora ^^ I’ve always had a laptop beside me, and not having one for the past 7 months felt like my arm was chopped off… it felt weird, […]

A New Laptop Soon (TZ-91)!

Sony VAIO TZ? Mai Sony VAIO TZ Soon! Yea… since March, I’ve been doing single computing. I know I shouldn’t be complaining but… since high school (1999?), I’ve had a laptop with me all the time and everything would be organized accordingly, and everything would be setup so that I can multi task etc. Ever […]

E-Life to RL Job!

Yes… at some point, we must just dig ourselves out of the FFXI world and face the real world… apparently mines here. Virtual world is so pretty… too bad that isn’t the real world.

Mai LCD :)

LCD Arrived :) OK LOL to stuff animals ._, (my sister’s random presents). Anyhow, that dinky LCD on the right? That’s actually the 17″, where I play FFXI for the last 3 years. The one on the left is my new LCD :) Honestly I wouldn’t go buy one if Scragg and Vryali told me […]