Salvage and RL Moving!

I was also going to post it on Lagsave – my Salvage linkshell but… Etain’s “Taking a break” post got freaking derailed into the biggest shitstorm. Picture shit hits the fan… so… I’m just going to post it on blog and.. if you read it… you’d probably care/know about me anyway.

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My “Old” FFXI Area!

Speaking of Salvage… its sad panda… 0/3 for my primary piece. It’s just plain depressing… and I did put an effort to it. Its also a little bit on the system… one of the rare LBC I didn’t go to, drop a 25 Body, person went to pop a card for the other piece, and is like yea.. I’m 2/3 now, Priority over u bish… and all the LBC I went are paired with crappy mnks which ends up wiping.

Its funny the other day Timuru ask me if I got any completed piece… and I didn’t even know how to answer him. Brings up sadness… more on the bright side now.

We’ve been rocking out Einherjar~ been winning each one and… more peeps show up on each run :D Keying a few more peeps then heading to Tier 2 for real xD Okay.. back to the topic lol…

So yea.. I’m moving to Toronto in like a couple of hours~ I’d still be making posts but just not too much on the actual gaming itself. Have contents saved up ;) To the right is my old FFXI area! Picture soon of my new area… and maybe even a picture of Tazo’s birthday party tomorrow :)

If you’re bored, check my FFXIAH profile and the screenshot section :) Something new there xD. Can’t say much more at this point until 24hrs later :D

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  • I’m so horrible >.> I was “kinda” laughing after I saw this on YTMND (Thanks to Ackal)
  • Dubai Skyscraper (Da Vinci Tower), with rotating floors. Watch the video here.

PS: Ding 10,000 Spam Blocked… not really something worthwhile to celebrate~ lol..

2 Responses to “Salvage and RL Moving!”

  1. Etain says:

    orz on the “Taking a Break” post… I swear to god, I’m a friggin’ drama magnet. -_-;;;

    Don’t be gone too long, talu! :o

  2. Jackalman says:

    At least that post did finally calm down. I went to close it a couple times, but it was a pretty entertaining read, all in all.

    Mai, I know your bad luck. I’m @ 110+ runs and just lolDastanas to show for it. The mobs just don’t drop for us when we want them to. You and I don’t often get to run together either, due to our schedules, so there’s nothing I can really do for you. We do need more LBC soon, though. It’s been a while since we had a good one.


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