A New Laptop Soon (TZ-91)!


the StarOnion, Maiev

Mai Sony VAIO TZ Soon!

Yea… since March, I’ve been doing single computing. I know I shouldn’t be complaining but… since high school (1999?), I’ve had a laptop with me all the time and everything would be organized accordingly, and everything would be setup so that I can multi task etc. Ever since it broke… I’ve had trouble getting things done, and one obvious one is blogging. I used to be able to do an entry regularly, every 3 days. I’d go sit in the coffee shop and type up a post while enjoying dessert / chatting with other people. Well since it broke, I’ve had trouble keeping up with that cycle…

But fear not! A new lappy’s coming! (My 3rd one lol…). Going to be able to put my life on track again!

Looks like that! Spec?

Style: Premium Carbon!
CPU: Core 2 DUO 1.2GHz (ULV Version)
Memory: 2GB
Video: Shared, Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950 (Has T&L!! Can FFXI!)
Hard Drive: 48GB Flash + 160GB 5400rpm.
Network: WiFi a/b/g/n
Battery: Medium 9.5-12hr
OS: Windows Vista Business

It cost a truckload, but it mostly went to SSD (Solid State Drive). I’ve always been into storage technology, play with most Raids, server Raids… consumer level Raids (2x Raptor Raid atm). I have um… over 15 hard drives at home… before my laptop broke, I upgraded the drive from 30GB to 60GB, and since it broke, that’s +2 drives right there lol…

In two weeks! Can’t wait :) Well its taking a bit since its custom made from Japan.


So how much storage do I have?

Desktop Drives.. um.. (9)

4x 20GB 7200rpm Raid 1+0 (Kinda abandon it, I think one drive with Eeto lol…)
3x 20GB 10000rpm SCSI 160 Raid 5 (Mylex Raid 170)… haven’t broke yet!
1x 250GB 7200rpm Drive for… (Adult stuff?, Fraps of course! Still have Fenrir fight in raw!)
2x 150GB 10000rpm Raptor (Inside computer), SATA Raid 1.

Laptop Drives um… (5)

2.5″ Laptop Drives, 20/30/60GB! The 60GB is 7200rpm’s (all from 1st laptop)
1.8″ Laptop Drives 30/60GB! (2nd Laptop)
New Laptop going to have a SSD + 160… lol…

So… 14+2 Hard drive with um…

Storage: 870GB + 208GB… 1078GB…

You might have more but… that’s how many I have atm. lol…

4 Responses to “A New Laptop Soon (TZ-91)!”

  1. Etain says:

    I’ve been thinking about getting a second HD to set-up so I can start FRAPSing stuff. I want to set it up to share on my network as well, so I don’t have to hardwire my PowerBook to it to use iMovie. :3 Prolly gonna wait awhile on that though, since I’m gonna be moving within the next few months (!) and prolly gonna have to con Falc to set it all up for me… XD

    Grats on the laptop- I think it’s sharp looking. I remember how excited I was when I ordered my PowerBook like, 2 years ago. XD

    So does this mean you’ll be coming to more Salvage? D: Need someone to r1 my THF when I sack stuffs. XD XD

  2. Maiev says:

    Yea, having another HDD just to fraps is a MUST. Its realy not about the storage, but not “not put more load” on your current HDD. 7200rpm would be enough to fraps without significant lag.

    I just took a mini break from FF :) Will be back soon hehe

  3. Eeto says:

    omg, i cant believe you got the ULV version!! :O


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