E-Life to RL Job!

Yes… at some point, we must just dig ourselves out of the FFXI world and face the real world… apparently mines here.

Virtual world is so pretty… too bad that isn’t the real world.

I was offered a position in the marketing firm and their leadership advancement program, but requires lots of training. This can range from 12 to 24 weeks… enough of “Virtual World Leadership”, now I must take this to real life.

I just had my 1st job shadowing today, this dude was really good in what he was doing (my supervisor kinda…), he was evaluating me the whole day, and apparently I wasn’t shibby either (Thanks to Ventrilo, speaking to stranger wasn’t that bad!!!). Met lots of people and had to talk to them… but I wasn’t really… freaking out at all.. and not only that.. English is my second language… so its even a bit more difficult but I managed it!

I hope I’ve been nice to everyone that’s been reading / have talked to me in game, at least I hope so… now gotta put that smiley and kind face to the real world.

So the point is, I’ll have little time to write stuff, but I still have lots of stuff in mind to share. I just don’t have the time to write, but maybe with a job, I’ll value my time much more!

Career advancement/development, here I come!! Sorry to my readers :/ Thinking of dropping WoW too… I obviously do not have the time to play that much anymore ; ;

And if you’re still studying, enjoy it while it lasts.. I should have enjoyed it :/

7 Responses to “E-Life to RL Job!”

  1. wyred says:

    So you got the job? Grats :)

  2. Maiev says:

    tyty :) wow u sure read a lot of TTTO!

  3. Jowah says:

    Hahah so mai got finally a job ? :x
    Working doesnt mean you need to leave everything, I’m myself a clear example :p
    Just learn to manage your time each single minute!

  4. oropher says:

    Who says you cant have a job and still play games?

  5. Maiev says:

    ya i didn’t leave everything of cuz, i just dun hav the time to play that much xD!

  6. Reiokyu says:

    60 to 80 hours a week of work here and I still manage to squeeze in FFXI quite a bit. It is possible, but one just has to learn how to manage time and whatnot. ^_^ Jowah has a point, make every minute count.

    Congratulations on your job. ^_^

    ~A random visitor of TTTO

  7. raidenn says:

    What job is that?
    Dont worry Im having the same problem myself. I’ll still be updating my blog though.


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