Mai Sony Vaio TZ + Reinstall FFXI Tips!

Mai's Vaio TZ, Sony TZ 90

Mai New Vaio TZ!

Sony Vaio TZ91!

Arrived, played with it for a few days already, it blew me away! Its very tiny, even smaller than a Mandragora ^^

I’ve always had a laptop beside me, and not having one for the past 7 months felt like my arm was chopped off… it felt weird, inconvenient, and always missing something. So here’s some picture spam of the new lappy ^^;

Carbon Fibre Exterior :O!


Model: Sony Vaio TZ91
Intel 1.2GHz Weak Sauce
Carbon Fiber Exterior

Shit Graphics Card
Shit Sound Card

Mai's Vaio TZ, TZ 90, Keyboard

Lovely Keyboard!

48GB Solid State Drive.
160GB Traditional Spinner.

MacBook Style Keyboard
Loaded Battery (5hr running @ max brightness, moderate CPU load)
11.2″ LCD 1366px x 768px
Shitty OS.

It doesn’t have a gamer spec, but I really just want a laptop for productivity!

Before and After!

Before my old laptop broke, I had the crappy Windows Vista installed! It wasn’t bad, but it does lag especially when I try to bring up a dialog box, it’d take awhile to load. With this laptop, stuff just pops up!

Mai's Vaio TZ

TZ and T but turned on!

Well after all, its almost like… 3 years since my last laptop.. so technology probably improved! I hope it did. Anyway, the first thing I notice about this laptop is the keyboard. Its amazing! If you used a mac, you’d know what I mean. The feedback is excellent and… with the gap between each keys, you can clearly tell if your overlapping or not. I can’t tell with my old laptop.

I like small things! Small Tarus, small plushies, small people (Tazo lol… she’s pretty tiny ^^) and small laptop! If you’re goin ask me what kinda car I’d like… take a guess, but you’re probably thinking of what I’m thinking ^^

Pair these two together… you can see that… the materials on the new one is relatively nicer… more solid looking imo.

Regarding… the sides, holy smoke! The hinges and the power cord is amazingly looking!

Mai's Vaio TZ

Really nice power button!

Mai's Vaio TZ

Macbook-like Power Supply Plug!

This laptop’s most expensive part, is actually the drive. I’m using a Solid State Drive (SSD) + Traditional Spinner. SSD are basically hard drives, but all on non-volatile memory, meaning unlike RAM, stuff won’t disappear when you shutdown your PC. Since its memory, stuff don’t really have a seek time. The SSD runs on a SATA interface, so it was pretty nice in terms of squeezing every bit of juice out of my laptop.

I did get to try it, I was actually 2boxing Tazo on Ultima, one on laptop, one on desktop. Although Tazo didn’t do anything, but at least the laptop can handle FFXI ^^ This one can process T&L, my old one can’t T_T

So yea… with a 48GB SSD + 160 Spinner, I pretty much put all my apps on the 48GB, and use the 160 Snail as data storage. Its working fine atm ^^

Anyway, thought I’d share a bit about my lappy excitement! Zomg :s !

LOL Istari

Oh haha, so I was telling Istari how I split my drive via partitions, and install stuff respectively so.. its easier to defrag. He was like ok.. lets install Vista for fun, and was asking what size to partition, I said “Just do 1 partition of C”, cuz I was thinking… he wasn’t really a PC Guru, so telling him to install App on another partition for easy defragment won’t work.. well at least my friend. I told him that and he’s like “So you’re challenging me??!” He took the challenge, and is tearing his PC apart (LOL) just to prove me wrong xD I think his icon is broken, partition disappear, lots of shit going on! But I’m amazed at his spirit haha…

Edit: Btw, I was installing FFXI onto laptop, since I don’t have a CD-ROM, I had to move the installation instead (or make CD as ISO then transfer.. so troublesome).. so I looked up moving FFXI installation and I found an article on Windower forum… move, type a few things, and tata, you don’t even need to go through the POL update or file check. Its good!

Check it out! (Windower Forum)

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