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Disney with LS ppl / Quick Update.

Disney with Shaya! Met Farkee/Shaya IRL I totally forgot about Mai game friends until I got an email from Kimiko :3, so hehe its probably time to reconnect myself to the ffxi world (or at least try). So… I met both Shaya and Farkee, one of those people I’ve always wanted to meet =). Since […]

Bubian’s RL Wedding

Bubian’s RL Wedding I’m so drunk but at the same time I wanna share the awesome experience that I just had tonight! Bubian (yes, a player from Fenrir server, FFXI), invited me to his wedding (RL Wedding). It was so awesome haha. I apologize for horrible grammar… because I can’t really / don’t want to […]

Shaya’s Bedroom Cleanup!

Freaking epic room clean for sure! Someone’s bedroom ‘.’ Freaking epic… wow seriously, if I didn’t know this person, I’d think this person just camp HNM for life. Well I’ve seen worse (my friend Eeto’s bedroom is quite bad, full of Pepsi cans). SohJai’s bedroom is actually very clean :O! Tazo’s okay clean for a […]

Taking a “real” break from XI

So tired of hunting people. Finally Being the person standing behind a linkshell isn’t an easy task at all. At all times, I feel like I need to be there to ensure things work (even though I’m not leading/running it). That process is so tiresome. When I quit my HNMLS, one prime reason was I […]

Ugh.. Mai laptop being recalled…

LOL Sony Sony says I need to ship it in :/ So lame, I didn’t even use it for a good awhile (less than a year) and its now being recalled for lame shit. Well apparently, my mini TZ91 laptop burned some people in the States and they are now providing free repair (which I […]