Ugh.. Mai laptop being recalled…

LOL Sony

the StarOnion, Maiev

Sony says I need to ship it in :/

So lame, I didn’t even use it for a good awhile (less than a year) and its now being recalled for lame shit. Well apparently, my mini TZ91 laptop burned some people in the States and they are now providing free repair (which I don’t know what they can do other than dusting). Oh well, there goes my FFXI at work dream for awhile. (I was thinking I can play more)

Your Sony Notebook Product Code: 28394839 , Model #: VGN-TZ91NS , and Serial #: ^_^; is affected and REQUIRES SERVICE.

Source: My Eeto friend geek reading on TG Daily.

So lets put it this way, my first VAIO R505.. I left a loose screw in, short circuit and burned the laptop, so I bought my T-150, that one had a I don’t know why burned motherboard, took like almost a lawsuit to get it done. (LOL FL Repair centre). So it came back (picture at bottom), and now this new TZ91 (Which was meant to replace my old T-150 thinking it’d never get repaired), are now being recalled. I think I’m going to keep going with Sony laptop because they are so good lol!

Oh well, one less computer to play with. (Which also happens to be my mobile FFXI machine.)

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